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University of Macau
Faculty Of Business Administration
ISOM 3029 - Computer Programming Using C++
2019/2020 (First Semester)
Assignment 1
Due date: October 11, 2019 (before 5pm)
Submitted to: Ms YunYun Zhou (GA)

Read the Assignment Requirements posted in the UMMoodle before attempting to solve the following problems with C++ programs.
Both the hardcopy and softcopy of your assignment should be submitted on time. All programs (.cpp files) are to be compressed and uploaded to the UMMoodle under the “Submit Assignment 1” button. The compressed file should be named with your student number such as “ba12345_Ass1.zip”.

Question 1:
Write a C++ program that outputs a greeting message at the beginning, then reads a positive two-digit integer and returns the integer with its digits reversed. For example, if the user inputs the number 23, the program should return 32. Your program should allow the user to choose to continue or not. It will also output a message to end the program.

Sample Input & Output:

Welcome to the Reverse Program!

Please enter a positive two-digit number: 23
The reversed form of 23 is 32.
Would you like to continue (Y for Yes, N for No)? Y

Please enter a positive two-digit number: 65
The reversed form of 65 is 56.
Would you like to continue (Y for Yes, N for No)? N

Thank you very much!

Question 2:
Negotiating a mortgage loan by the bank is not always straightforward. Suppose you wish to borrow money from the bank to buy a house. Your mortgage loan has a face value of $100,000, the annual interest rate is 6% p.a., and the duration is not fixed. Suppose you promise to pay back by monthly instalments of $1,110 (principal plus interest) to the bank, and the remaining balance (i.e. $33.60) will be shown after the last repayment month. The interest is computed by multiplying the current face value of your loan (e.g. for the first month, multiply $100,000 by 0.06, to yield $6,000 as the annual interest for the first year and the interest for the first month will then be $500.) The repaid principal amount for the first month will then be $610 (which comes from the difference between the repayment amount $1,110 and the interest $500). This repaid principal amount $610 will be deducted from the current face value of the loan monthly, leaving your loan becoming less and less. Therefore, the current face value of your loan for the second month will be $99,390, and the interest will be $496.95 (correct to 2 decimal places), leading to a repaid principal amount of $613.05 (correct to 2 decimal places) for the second month. Repayment is made in monthly installments based on the current face value. This method of calculation is normal in mortgage loan repayment.
Write a C++ program that will take 3 inputs: the amount of your loan, the annual interest rate, and the monthly instalment amount. The program should display a table listing all the monthly installments that you have to pay the bank, until the remaining balance is less than the monthly instalment amount. It should also calculate the monthly current face value of the loan, the monthly interest payment and the repaid principal as shown below.

Sample Input & Output:

Welcome to the Mortgage System

Please enter your mortgage loan amount: 100000
Please enter the annual interest rate(%): 6
Please enter the monthly instalment amount: 1110

Month Current face value Interest Repaid Principal
1 $100,000.00 $500.00 $ 610.00
2 $ 99,390.00 $496.95 $ 613.05
3 $ 98,776.95 $493.88 $ 616.12
… … … … … … …
… … … … … … …
120 $ 1,137.91 $ 5.69 $1,104.31

Remaining Balance = $33.60
(Note: The remaining balance $33.60 is settled on the 120th month!)

Question 3:
A company pays its employees as managers (who receive a fixed weekly salary), hourly workers (who receive a fixed hourly wage for up to the first 30 hours they work and “time-and-a-half”, i.e., 1.5 hours their hourly wage – for overtime hours worked), commission workers (who receive $200 plus 5% of their gross weekly sales), or pieceworkers (who work on only one type of item and receive a fixed amount of money per item for each of the items they produced). You are required to compute the weekly pay for each employee. You do not know the number of employees in advance. Each type of employee has its own pay code: Code 1 for Managers, Code 2 for Hourly workers, Code 3 for Commission workers and Code 4 for Pieceworkers.

Write a C++ program to compute each employee’s weekly payroll according to that employee’s pay code entered by the user, who will also input the appropriate facts for your calculation. Set a sentinel value -1 to stop the program. After processing all the employees’ data, a summary about each type of employee should be displayed as shown below.

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