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ECO-5006A – Introductory Econometrics
Assignment Brief - Take Home Exercise 1

This brief provides some information in relation to the 1st Take-Home exercise. Please read this document carefully before attempting to answer the questions of this exercise.

The document with the questions is available on the module’s BlackBoard under the Assessments section, with title: “Take Home Exercise 1”.
This is a summative assessment, accounting for 10% of the overall mark of this module.
The deadline for this assessment is on 30th Oct at 3pm. You will need to submit your answers through e:Vision (follow link for details).
Your answers must be typed in a word processor of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Word).

The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the taught material from Lecture 1 (Introduction) up to Lecture 9 (Confidence Intervals). The type of the questions in this exercise are similar to the type of questions in the Final Exam.
This exercise contains 5 parts. Next to the questions, you can find how many marks are assigned to each part.
The marks of the 5 parts add up to 100 points.
There is NO word count for this assignment. However, your answers must be relevant to the questions and excessively short/long answers will be penalised.
Note that presentation and clarity of answers is important, so points may be deducted if your answers are not well-presented or are unclear.[ For example, use clear font and avoid typos and repetitions. Also, if you present any equations, you need to present these appropriately, for example by using the ‘equation tool’ built-in in Word. ]
The Solution files provided for the Support Sessions 1 & 2 and Seminars 1, 2 & 3 give examples of what would be considered a ‘well-presented’ answer, also giving you some indication about how long your answers need to be (of course, removing all Stata output, as you will not use Stata to answer the questions of this assignment).
Please also attempt the formative Quizzes available on the BlackBoard, once you have read the lecture notes and seminar material carefully.

Plagiarism or Collusion are not allowed and allegations in relation to these are taken very seriously by the university. So, make sure you read the University policy on Plagiarism and Collusion following this link, if you are unsure about what these mean.

If there are issues or life events that have been impacting on your studies, and therefore on your performance in this exercise, you can apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Request via e:Vision. Please follow this link for further details.
ECO-5006A – Introductory Econometrics
Take Home Exercise 1 – MARKING SHEET
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