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VIMIAC10 2019 2nd Major homework
Audiobook recommender system
1. Introduction
Let us assume, that there is an online audiobook store that displays common
properties for each audiobook offered for sale. Such properties include the ratings
given by previous buyers, a summary, name of the author, narrator, and length. Users
can rate audiobooks on a five-point scale. Based on these reviews, the system
recommends additional audiobooks to each user.
2. Assignment
Implement a recommendation algorithm in Java or Python! The algorithm can be
chosen freely, but you are not allowed to use any code that you yourself have not
written. The only exception in case of a Java implementation is the Apache Commons
library (http://commons.apache.org ), which can be used.
2.1. Java
The code must contain a Main class, and within this, a main() function. It will receive
all inputs on the standard input, and should output the solution to the standard output.
Upload the zipped source code files of your application to the BME MIT HomeWork
portal. (https://hf.mit.bme.hu).
2.2. Python
The code must be a single python file, that will be run and receives all inputs onto the
standard input, and it should write the solution to the standard output. Upload the
zipped single python file to the BME MIT Homework portal. Use Python3.x, and only
standard libraries are available (e.g. no numpy!) (https://hf.mit.bme.hu).
2.3. Input
The first line of input contains the number of known ratings, users and audiobooks.
Then each line contains a user ID, an audiobook ID, and the corresponding rating. The
fields are separated by a tab. Example:
60000 500 200
0 3 4
0 31 3
VIMIAC10 2019 2nd Major homework
0 87 2
499 192 5
499 198 4
2.4. Output
The output contains the IDs of the top 10 recommended audiobooks for each user,
separated by tabs.
Audiobook Identifiers should be ordered such that the top of the list, i.e. the most
recommended audiobook, comes first. However, the list should not include an
audiobook whose rating is known (already given by that user)! The rows should follow
each other in the order of user IDs. These IDs should not be displayed.
In case of the example above, the output contains 500 lines:
175 21 76 77 119 2 40 42 56 117
32 142 38 111 14 18 101 138 64 29
75 88 47 43 18 150 83 124 166 182
3. Evaluation
The rating is based on the number of users for which there is an overlap between the
list of top n recommended audiobooks and the list of actually top rated audiobooks.

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