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Homework Assignment 3
Late homework assignments will not be accepted, unless you have a valid written excuse (medical, etc.). You must do
this assignment alone. No team work or "talking with your friends" will be accepted. No copying from the Internet.
Cheating means zero.
Create a new Eclipse workspace named "Assignment3_1234567890" on the desktop of your computer (replace
1234567890 with your student ID number). For each question below, create a new project in that workspace. Call
each project by its question number: "Question1", "Question2", etc. Answer all the questions below. At the end of
the assignment, create a ZIP archive of the whole workspace folder. The resulting ZIP file must be called
"Assignment3_1234567890.zip" (replace 1234567890 with your student ID number). Upload the ZIP file on
Here are a few extra instructions:
 Do not forget to write tests for all the code of all the classes.
 Give meaningful names to your variables so we can easily know what each variable is used for in your program.
 Put comments in your code (in English!) to explain WHAT your code is doing and also to explain HOW your
program is doing it.
 Make sure all your code is properly indented (formatted). Your code must be beautiful to read.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in you losing points.
Question 1
Create a class Mammal with the following UML diagrams:
| Mammal |
| - name: String |
| + Mammal(String name) |
| + getName(): String |
| + isCookable(): boolean |
| + testMammal(): void |
The isCookable method of the Mammal class returns a boolean indicating whether the mammal can be cooked or
not: some mammals can be cooked and some mammals cannot be cooked so for safety reasons the isCookable
method just prints a message "Do not cook this!" and returns false (because the isCookable method must
return a boolean).
Add a class Human to your program. A human is a mammal. The constructor for the Human class takes no argument. All
humans are named "Alice" and humans cannot be cooked (the isCookable method must not print any message
though, it simply returns false).
Add a class Rabbit to your program. A rabbit is a mammal. The Rabbit class has a private instance variable weight
of type double that describes the weight of the rabbit, and a getWeight method. The constructor for the Rabbit
class takes the rabbit’s name and the rabbit’s weight as arguments. A rabbit can be cooked.
Add a class EuropeanRabbit to your program. European rabbit is a species of rabbit. The EuropeanRabbit class
has two constructors: the first constructor takes the European rabbit’s name and the European rabbit’s weight as
arguments; the second constructor only takes the European rabbit’s name as argument and always uses 2.0 as the
European rabbit’s weight. The second constructor must use the first constructor.
Add a class LapinSautéChasseur to your program. Lapin sauté chasseur is a kind of European rabbit. The
constructor for the LapinSautéChasseur class takes no argument. Lapin sauté chasseur is always named
"Delicious" and has a weight of 0.5.
Add a class FrankTheRabbit to your program. Frank The Rabbit is a kind of rabbit. The constructor for the
FrankTheRabbit class takes no argument. Frank The Rabbit is always named "Frank", has a weight of 100.0, and
cannot be cooked.
Add a class Start to your program to test all your classes.
Question 2
Add a class CastIronPot to your program with the following UML diagram:
| CastIronPot |
| - rabbit: Rabbit |
| + CastIronPot(Rabbit rabbit) |
| + getRabbit(): Rabbit |
| + testCastIronPot(): void |
In the testCastIronPot method, create a lapin sauté chasseur called lsc1, then create a cast iron pot with this
lapin sauté chasseur in it. Then get the lapin sauté chasseur from the cast iron pot and store it into a local variable called
lsc2 of type LapinSautéChasseur. Use the == operator to check that lsc1 and lsc2 are the same lapin sauté

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