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Study Period 3, 2019 Sample Exam
University RMIT University
Exam Code(s): CPT120
Title of Paper: Introduction To Programming
Exam Duration: 2 hours
Reading Time: 10 minutes
During an exam, you must not have in your possession, a book, notes, paper, electronic device(s), calculator,
pencil case, mobile phone, smart watch/device or other material/item which has not been authorised for the
exam or specifically permitted as noted below. Any material or item on your desk, chair or person will be
deemed to be in your possession. You are reminded that possession of unauthorised materials in an exam is a
disciplinary offence.
No examination papers are to be removed from the room.
Authorised Materials
Calculators ☐ Yes ☒ No
Open Book ☐ Yes ☒ No
Specifically Permitted Items ☐ Yes ☒ No
If yes, specifically permitted items are:
Students must complete this section if required to write answers within this paper
Provider University ID:
Family name:
Other names (in full):
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Q1 (10 marks)
public class Q1 {
public static void main(String[] args){
int s=___________________;
if (s<5)
String answer="";
int a=1;

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