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CSE105 - Introduction to Programming in Java
Joe Lewis and Andrew Abel– October 2019
CSE105 CW3 2019
Due date: 7/12/2019 - Saturday 7th December at 18:00 - 30% of final mark
Create a Java application which displays a pictograph for a given data set. You
should create a relevant dataset, choose appropriate images, and design and
code an application to display this information. You should also write a short
A pictograph displays data using pictures. Every pictograph has a title, label, key,
and some pictures or symbols. A simple example is shown here:
Further information and examples can be found at
You should use your graphics and programming knowledge to create your own,
given your chosen dataset. Your design and colour should be unique to you, and
you should pay attention to OOP principles as taught this semester. You may reuse
and re-purpose code and classes developed and used (by you) in the Labs.
Your dataset must be related to the number of endangered animals living in a
number of countries/regions. You should research and choose/create your own
• Possible animals: lions, elephants, tigers.
• The data sets will contain from 5 to 10 countries (inclusive).
• The data will be contained in a plain text .txt file in CSV format (See
appendix for example).
CSE105 - Introduction to Programming in Java
Joe Lewis and Andrew Abel– October 2019
Task Requirements:
1. Pictograph Representation ( 55%)
May be landscape or portrait
• Should use an appropriate graphic (picture) to represent the animals
• Must state the number of animals represented by 1 graphic icon (key)
• Must make the total number of animals easy to read (not just by adding
up the number of icons)
• Display the information on screen accurately
• Use fractional icons for fractional quantities (if 1 icon = 1000 lions, ½ an
icon = 500 lions)
• Be fully labelled with title, and axis labels
• Scale appropriately to work on different screen sizes; re-scale as the
window is made bigger or smaller.
• Reads csv file
2. Graphical Styling ( 20%)
• Use colour, font editing, drawing, and other visual enhancements to make
the layout clear and attractive, and enhance readability
3. Design Document and Code Quality ( 25%)
• Submit a design document. This should be submitted as a pdf or
Microsoft Word document.
• Should contain a class diagram (created yourself, not autogenerated in
• Should contain a small description of each class, written in good quality
• Code should follow clear conventions for variable names, comments,
indentation, and should be readable
4. Core Task Requirements (required to reach 40%)
• The submitted file should be a valid Netbeans project folder, including all
resources. Test it carefully before submitting.
• The project must compile and run in Netbeans with no further
configuration and debugging
• Submission instructions must be followed exactly. Marks will be
deducted for not following the instructions.
• The assignment is English language, and must be entirely in English with
no Chinese characters
• The zip file must be in .zip format, not .rar
• If the above steps are not followed, then the assignment will not pass
CSE105 - Introduction to Programming in Java
Joe Lewis and Andrew Abel– October 2019
• All of this can and should be achieved using the Java resources covered in
the lectures so far this semester, mainly the drawing and painting
properties of the Graphics object.
• You may use code and resources from the lectures and labs this semester.
• Do not attempt to construct a complete Swing or JavaFX GUI package
using multiple components, containers, widgets, Layout managers etc.
• Search the internet and look at professionally produces examples to get
ideas for your design. Simple and clear is best.
• The design should be your own. Shared designs with friends will be
considered plagiarism.
You must submit your work electronically on the CSE105 ICE page before 7
December 2019 at 18:00 (7/12/2019). A dropbox will be made available the
week before.
You must submit:
• One design document (a Word or PDF document) with a simple UML
diagram detailing the classes and the relationships between them, and a
small description of the classes.
• One .txt file for each .java class file. These documents must NOT be in a
ZIP archive. The file name must be the class name. Each file must have
your name/student number in a comment at the top.
• One ZIP archive of your entire Netbeans project folder. Make sure this
contains ALL the resources your application needs to run.
• If your program does not compile and run from this zip file only, you
cannot pass (See Core Task Requirements). The zip file name must start
with your student number.
This assignment is individual work. Plagiarism (e.g. copying materials from
other sources without proper acknowledgement) is a serious academic
offence. Plagiarism and collusion will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in
accordance with the University Code of Practice on Academic Integrity. Individual
students may be invited to explain parts of their code in person, and if they fail to
demonstrate an understanding of the code, no credit will be given for that part of
the code.
CSE105 - Introduction to Programming in Java
Joe Lewis and Andrew Abel– October 2019
Appendix, Example data set:
File name Animal_Data.txt
File content: title, label, and number

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