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Mobile Application Enterprise Development - SP5 2019
Assignment 2
Big Things
Big Things are a series of oversized roadside attractions located around Australia. These serve as landmarks, indicators of
sites of interest, and as drawcards in their own right for those fascinated by their existence. Many people (myself included)
enjoy visiting the Big Things, and when travelling always make sure to detour to see any which may be on the way.
For more information about Big Things and to get pictures and data for testing, visit the Wikipedia page at:
The gaol is to build an app that fans of Big Things can use to identify any Big Things in their region, view and submit
ratings, and track which Big Things they have visited. Accordingly, the app has six main functions:
List of Big Things
List all of the known Big Things (by "known", I mean "known by the app"). As Big Things come and go, this list will be
downloaded from an online database using an API (to be provided) which will be regularly updated by tracking the status
of vairous Big Things, adding new Big Things to the list, and updating information and ratings about each Big Thing.
If this was searchable by name and State, and sortable (by name and rating) that would be great.
Display a Big Thing
Normally accessed through the List of Big Things, this displays details about a Big Thing - in particular, a photo, the name,
the location, a short description and the rating and tags (see below). All of this data will be downloaded per the list of Big
Rate and Track a Big Thing
If the user has visited a Big Thing they should be able to mark it as seen. If they have Big Things they particularly like, they
should be able to tag it as a favourite. Both of these will ideally be saved locally on the app. However, the user should also
have an option of rating a Big Thing (0 to 5 stars), and that rating will be submitted (using the API) to a website, to be
added to an overall rating.
Note that for our purposes we will use a trust system, and assume that each user only rates a Big Thing once. In a
production version we would add tools to prevent one person rating the same site multiple times.
General information about Big Things. At this stage we're just going to use text from Wikipedia:
The big things of Australia are a loosely related set of large structures, some of which are novelty architecture and
some are sculptures. There are estimated to be over 150 such objects around the country. There are big things in
every state and territory in continental Australia. Most big things began as tourist traps found along major roads
between destinations. The big things have become something of a cult phenomenon, and are sometimes used as an
excuse for a road trip, where many or all big things are visited and used as a backdrop to a group photograph. Many
of the big things are considered works of folk art and have been heritage-listed, though others have come under
threat of demolition.
Big Things Near Me
This is only needed for higher grades (see the breakdown below) but using the iOS location services and the GPS
coordinates provided from the server, display a map showing Big Things in the area.
Submit a Big Thing
If a user finds a new Big Thing not in the database, they should be able to submit (using the API) some basic data: the
name, GPS coordinates (if you have location services working) or an address (if you don't), time and date it was seen
(automatically calculated), the user's name (optional, but used to give them credit) and (optionally) a photo. That last one
does not need to be sent to the API, although the API will be able to accept one - choosing one from the Camera Roll will
be regarded as sufficient for full marks whether or not it is sent.
At a minimum the app is required to have:
A splash page clearly identifying the company behind the app
An "About Big Things" page per above
A list of Big Things
Details about each of the Big Things
Other functions as described above will provide higher grades.
Required elements:
Master-view controller with multiple detail views configured in storyboard and containing different outlets (graphics,
buttons, text fields, etc.)
Model-view-controller design pattern with custom classes containing the Big Thing details
The intent is to produce an application which would closely mirror a commercial product.
Marks will be primarily based on the following stages:
P2: An app with a splash screen, Master-view layout, "About Big Things", and details of five Big Things built into the
code (i.e. not downloaded).
P1: Everything in P1 plus storing the details in Coredata and a local system for tagging (marking as seen or as a
favourite) and rating the Big Things
C: Everything for a P1 plus the ability to download the basic Big Things database from the API and upload ratings
D: Everything for a C plus the ability to report a new Big Thing and a searchable/orderable list.
HD: All of the requirements
In each case, consideration will also be given to commenting, suitability of the user interface, landscape/portrait
orientation and compatibility with different Apple produces (the assumed minimum is an iPhone 7, but working on iPads
and newer devices is a plus).
You will be provided with access to a JSON data stream and the specifications for the server. Full details will be posted
here once testing is complete.
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