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WISCCOMPSCI200 Fall 2019/chapter/11/section/8 1/3
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11.8 Code Refactor 2: Sokoban
Sokoban is a classic puzzle game from the early days of personal computers. You are a
warehouse worker and you have to move boxes to particular locations in a warehouse. The
boxes are heavy and you can only push them.
In the text version, the worker is denoted by @. They are shown in a warehouse with
impassable walls (denoted by #). The worker must cover each goal (denoted by .) with
boxes (denoted by $). The worker can only push the boxes… so you have to navigate the
warehouse carefully or you will get stuck! When a box is placed on a goal, the symbol in the
sample run is *. If the worker is standing on a goal, the symbol + is used. The exact
characters to use will be specied
in the Cong.java
So, your program should always use
the constant variable and not the literal character.
The le
XSokoban.txt (that you can download below) contains a collection of 90 levels that
can be loaded and played by the Sokoban program. (This le
was sourced from Sokoban
The beautiful world of remodels)
As with the rst
code refactor, the code your are given is working, but needs to be cleaned-up
to meet the CS 200 Style Guide and good coding practices.
There are:
missing comment blocks (le,
class, method),
poorly chosen method names,
poorly chosen variable names,
poor chosen looping structures,
literals instead of constants,
overly generic imports,
duplicate code,
redundant comparisons (e.g. == true), and
overly long methods. You should correct all these decits
by choosing appropriate
names and loops, making methods for duplicate code, adding helper methods to
shorten overly long methods, remove redundant comparisons, etc; (especially the main
method). Apply the good coding practices we've learnt throughout the course.
Also, you are limited to using Java features covered through zyBooks chapter 11.
Remember: The provided code works. The goal is to refactor, improving the code while
keeping it working.
Submit regularly and often! With every code change, submit to zyBooks to make sure it still
works correctly!
2019/11/19 11.8. Code Refactor 2: Sokoban
https://learn.zybooks.com/zybook/WISCCOMPSCI200Fall2019/chapter/11/section/8 2/3
Grading Rubric
Commenting and Documentation
Files, classes, and methods all have header comments following course standards
All methods have a JavaDoc comment with a summary, an algorithm for non-trivial
methods, and comments for parameter lists and return values
Style and Structure
Appropriate use of spacing, both vertical and horizontal
Code and comments rarely exceed 100 columns
Consistent placement of parentheses and braces
No redundant comparisons
Importing without wild cards
Helpful identier
naming that follows course conventions (e.g., methods, variables,
Appropriate code structures are used (eg., if vs if-else, for vs while)
Duplicated code refactored into reused methods
Methods with multiple meaningful code segments should be refactored into calling
smaller single-purpose methods.
Doesn't use Java features past chapter 11. Note that this includes adding class
11.8.1: Code Refactor 2: Sokoban 0 / 4
Submission Instructions
Downloadable les
Sokoban.java , Lvl3-1Box.foo , Config.java ,
XSokoban.txt , and winLevel4.sav
Compile command
javac Sokoban.java -Xlint:all
-encoding utf-8
We will use this command to compile your code
Upload your les
below by dragging and dropping into the area or choosing a le
on your
hard drive.
Drag le
Choose on hard drive.
2019/11/19 11.8. Code Refactor 2: Sokoban
https://learn.zybooks.com/zybook/WISCCOMPSCI200Fall2019/chapter/11/section/8 3/3
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