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Assignment 3 instructions
SIT216 Assignment 3 — 2020
Interface Design Prototype
In this assignment you will, in a group, design an interface for a mobile app (phone or tablet). Your design will also be used to
create a video walkthrough, a rationale for the design decisions made and suitable evaluation approach.
Assignment Overview
Due date: Fri 5 Jun at 11.59pm (Week 12) - extended beyond the new due date of 29/5 that was setin response to COVID-19
Weighting: 30%
SIT216 - User Centred Design
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18/05/2020 Assignment 3 instructions - SIT216 - User Centred Design
Mode: Group (with an individual component)
Requirements: This assignment requires you to investigate and design an interface for a mobile app (phone or tablet). In the nal
assignment you will work in groups of 3 to prototype an home improvements-themed app. The focus and functionality of the
app, eg, indoors or outdoors, shopping, visualising improvements, coordinating supplies and tradespeople, etc is for your group
to decide. You will present your prototype as a set of design documents together with a recorded walkthrough of the interface
functionality. The focus of this assignment is on creating a high-delity
model of the system. This is a team project. Students who
investigated mobile apps in Assignments 1 and 2 and/or worked through some of the earlier pracs on mobile usability can refer
back to their notes.
Related ULOs & GLOs: ULO 1, ULO 4 & GLO 1, GLO 5
The Prototype
The app prototype is completed as a group presentation. The prototype can be presented in a number of forms, however, the
prototype must be produced in a design/prototype application, such as this high-delity
example . The prototype
presentation does not have to be a fully-professional production. You can use whatever software package that you are
comfortable with such as Adobe XD , Photoshop , Muse , InVision , Balsamiq or Sketch . A recorded voiceover
explanation of how the prototype works with the interface clearly visible is also required of about 3 to 4 minutes long. You
will need to think carefully about what you demonstrate and what you don't. YouTube contains a number of these presentations
(including these ) where a walkthrough is provided, though some are pencil and paper prototypes only, ie, low-delity.
The Design Report
The design report is a single team report that describes the functionality of the application in its nal
form. You should include
descriptions of all of your functions and sketch the storyboard associated with each function. The report should cover these main
1. An introduction to the app that you would expect to nd
in its applicable app store/s. These descriptions are typically less than
100 words in length and need to entice users into downloading and using the app. Some descriptions include a screen image. You
are welcome to include this as well
are welcome to include this as well.
2. A description of the functionality of the app. You can present this as a small user manual or as a Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA).
Each function should include a storyboard or annotated sketch that clearly shows how users interact and what interface changes
occur as a result of that interaction.
3. A justication
for the design concept in terms of the usability of the design from a theoretical perspective, i.e., considering agreed
upon principles/standards. You should explain why your decisions make sense and why your interface concept works for the app.
Preliminary designs can be included as an appendix to the report or as a presentation from your personal portfolio through the unit
4. Details on how your team would plan and conduct ethical user testing to evaluate and verify the usability of the mobile app.
Points to consider include the type of suitable tests/experiments, recruitment, consent, condentiality
and storage/access to the
data obtained from participants. Actual user testing should not be performed.
The design report should not be overly long. I would much rather you spend time on the design instead of the report. However,
the report needs to make sure that I understand your design and can follow your design decisions. It is important that you think
about your decisions as you are developing your design. It is very hard to justify decisions after the product is complete.
You must acknowledge all statements and information taken from other sources and adhere to the guidelines published about
plagiarism. All ideas and material taken from references must be cited and a full reference list must be provided at the end of the
Submission Requirements
Your interface design will be submitted in a number of components; some of which you complete as a group and one task which
you complete as an individual. The following components are required:
1. The prototype of your interface completed as a short automated PowerPoint or video walkthrough. The walkthrough should
provide the viewer with a demonstration of how the interface will provide the functionality required for the application. Weighting:
50% of the marks available for this assignment.
18/05/2020 Assignment 3 instructions - SIT216 - User Centred Design
Reflect in Portfolio Download Print
2. The design report which describes the functionality of the application, justication
of the design decisions during design of the
application and testing/evaluation requirements. Weighting: 40% of the marks available for this project.
3. A personal reection
(one per team member) providing details about your input into the project. What did you do? How did you
do it? What aspects of the design are you most proud of? Describe your contribution. Weighting: 10% of the marks available for
this project.
4. Completed self and peer-assessment in FeedbackFruits.
Advice on referencing (Harvard style) and report writing is available on the Study Support site.
The assignment will be submitted via the assignment folders in the unit site by 11.59pm on Friday 5 Jun, 2020.
The walkthrough (as a PowerPoint or video le)
and report (Word document or PDF) is a group submission (only one student per
group needs to submitthis) and the reection
(Word document or PDF) submitted separately and individually.
Marking Criteria
This project is worth 30% of your nal
mark. It has three major assessment areas. You must demonstrate that you can:
1. Work within a team to produce and document a detailed interface design;
2. Create a prototype walkthrough of your design; and
3. Reect
on your contributions to the nal
The detailed marking rubrics are available in the Assignment 3 (prototype & report) and Assignment 3 (reection)
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