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Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
School of Computer Science
41889 - Application Development in the iOS Environment
42889 - iOS Application Development
Autumn 2020
Assessment Task 3
Group project: Design and develop an application
Due the week of 12 June 2020, in your tutorial
This project is worth 30% of the overall mark for this subject.
You will create an application that solves a real-world problem for a fictional user persona . You will
follow an iterative product design cycle to produce a minimum viable product. On the final day of class
you will demonstrate the productto fictional investors in a 10-minute presentation
1. You shall work in a group of three or four members, shown in table "iOS Team Up".
2. You shall create a source code repository using GitHub Classroom.
Each team member is expected to commit some code, documentation, or other assets to this
3. You shall follow the Product Design cycle, iteratively planning, prototyping, and testing more
detailed versions of your app.
4. You shall demonstrate your application in a 10-minute presentation, explaining who would
use it and what problem it solves.
Use this Github invitation link: https://classroom.github.com/g/OK_cDNlN
The Team leader creates a new team, and other team members join the existing built team (
this needs the permission of team leader).
Week Lab Activity Homework
22 May
Form groups and select a
Sketch your app's workflow.
Implement a wireframe prototype in Xcode.
29 May Demonstrate your
prototype in tutorial.
Refine the workflow, and begin
implementing functionality.
Quiz 3
Implement a Minimum Viable Product and
prepare presentations
12 June Final Presentations
15 marks: Final presentation
15 marks: Submitted code on GitHub
Late submission
Because of the group nature of this project and the semester teaching schedule, no extensions
or special consideration will be considered. The due date is final.
Suggested Topics
Each group is encouraged to come up with their own app idea. If your group is unable to decide
what to develop, select a topic from the suggestions below.
Design and implement a crypto-currency wallet application that can hold a minimum of
three currencies. The application doesn't require the implementation of a backend-server
to manage wallets. The design should be visually appealing. (For example: Huobi Wallet)
Create an application that makes it easy for a user to view and manage their cryptocurrencies.
Data should be presented to the user in a meaningful and appealing way.
Information such as today's loss and gain should be implemented. Inspiration can be
drawn from the default iOS stock app or other crypto apps such as Blockfolio.
Show off features of a Cocoa Touch framework such as ARKit, AVKit, Core Data, Core ML,
HealthKit, HomeKit, MapKit, PushKit, ResearchKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, GameKit, or WebKit.
See the list of frameworks at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/
Show off features of a third-party framework such as Alamofire, Masonry, or Firebase.
See popular frameworks at https://trendingcocoapods.github.io/
Academic Honesty Policy
5 Jun Code review exercise
You will be assessed on your ability to skillfully integrate existing frameworks and libraries to
solve novel problems. You may use code from external sources as long as you cite the source
in a comment or Podfile.
Week of 22 May
Form Groups
Arrange groups of 3-4 team members who will develop an application together.
Brainstorm an application to develop
1. Come up with an idea for an application that solves a real problem for a fictional persona.
2. Use the "Product Design Worksheet" to sketch a workflow for using this app, showing
various scenes and the segues between them.
3. Before next week's lab, upload the "Product Design Worksheet" to your repository in
Week of 29 May
Prototype your app workflow in Interface Builder
Place the essential scenes, buttons, and segues to navigate through your app, and get it
running in a Simulator or on a device.
Demonstrate your prototype in tutorial (voluntary)
1. Show your prototype in tutorial.
2. Tell them what they are trying to use the app for. For example: "You are using this app to
figure out what recipes you can cook with the ingredients in your kitchen."
3. Get feedback from your classmate and tutor.
4. Identify issues with your workflow, and record them in GitHub.
(You can do this even if you have not yet uploaded any code.)
A good issue describes the action that was taken, the expected result, and the observed
5. Before next week, write some code so that you can participate in the code review
Week of 5 June
Code Review Exercise
Minimum Viable Product
Decide what functionality you want to include in your final app. This may be larger or smaller
than your original design.
To get an idea of which features are on the critical path, ask someone from another group to
use your app, and write down which features they try to use without being instructed.
Final Presentation Outline
Write an outline of your presentation. Decide how many minutes you will spend on each topic
or feature.
Week of 12 June
You will have 10 minutes to present your application. Each team member must
participate in the presentation.
A good presentation should:
1. Describe the target audience for this app.
2. Explain what problem is being solved, and how this app compares to other
possible solutions.
3. Show the app being used. Decide whether you want to use a simulator or record a
Depending on the nature of your app, you may also want to discuss:
1. What business model this app supports.
2. What frameworks or services you used to implement it.
3. How your design and development process worked, and whether you felt it was eff
ective. At least one presenter should be prepared to answer questions about technical details.
You are suggested to make slides to demonstrate the contents listed in marking criteria.

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