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32555 Fundamentals of Software Development
Semester 1, 2020
Assignment: Healthy Burgers
This assignment is worth 60% of the total mark; it has eight parts, worth 10%, 5%, 10%, 5%,
10%, 5%, 5% and 10%. It is done in a group of three students.
1. Healthy Burgers Restaurant’s Background
Healthy Burger Restaurant is a fictional restaurant in the University’s Campus, Broadway,
owned by Bob and Thelma Murphy. Healthy Burgers are naturally free from artificial colours,
flavours and preservatives. Some are convinced that its burgers are the best in Broadway, may
be even in the whole of Sydney. Many people, especially University Students and Staff,
frequently eat at Healthy Burgers.
Healthy burgers management has a team of people to help or run the restaurant. It offers staff
a fun, friendly, work environment not only for our customers, but also for all the hired staff
that delivers the freshest food. At restaurant three types of roles or positions are offered i.e.
front counter position, host role and the kitchen hand. The front counter staff meet and interact
with hundreds of people every day. He/ she takes the customer meal orders and meal payments.
Host's job is to provide personalised, supreme service to all our customers. He/she will be
constantly on the move delivering meals and helping at the restaurant and providing excellent
table service. The kitchen is where all the action happens. The kitchen staff will collaborate
closely with other staff members, prepare full menu of products, making sure that every meal
item meets high quality standards.
2. Restaurant’s System Description
The restaurant wants to launch its software system with new design elements that take customer
orders, send the orders to the kitchen, monitor goods sold and inventory, and generate reports
for management.
The restaurant’s software system needs an efficient food-ordering system to keep track of all
the activities of the restaurant. The first process at the Heathy Burger is that customers should
be able to browse through the extensive menu available using computer displays available at
the restaurant or printed menus available at the restaurant. The menu has different burger
options i.e. beef burger, chicken burger, fish and veggie burger. Further, each type of burger
has different subtypes e.g. the chicken burger can be of type sweet chilli chicken or peri-peri
chicken. The beef burger can be of type simply grilled, chilli addict or Wagyu beef. The veggie
burger can be of type garden goodness or vegan cheese. In the menu each burger choice further
displays the calorie intake of each item, key ingredients and the price. The customers also have
different add-on options i.e. salads, chips and drinks. The customers can order grilled potato
chips or sweet potato chips. There are different choices of soft drinks as well as fruit juices
available at Healthy Burger.
The customers should be able to order online or at the counter. The next process in the system
is to receive or get the customer’s Food Order either verbally (e.g. “Give me two cheeseburgers,
one small order of fries, and one regular Coke”) or as an online order. This received customer
order needs to be transformed into a form meaningful to the kitchen’s system. It also needs to
be transformed into a printed receipt for the customer. Thirdly, it needs to be transformed into
goods sold data. Inventory data also needs to be updated as the order will reduce ingredients
stored in inventory. The customer order is not complete until the customer makes the required
payment. The payment can be done by cash or by debit and credit card. The students at Healthy
Burgers are given a 10% discount on their order. The discount can be only received by showing
the student card. It also has a membership option with customers using a loyalty card when
they order meals in the restaurant. The members get a free meal after seven meal orders.
Anybody can create the membership of Healthy Burgers online by entering his/her name,
email, mobile phone and by entering appropriate password for future logins. At Healthy
Burgers you can also have group bookings or can order for large groups beforehand through
phone or online bookings. The group bookings apply to a minimum of six people and a
maximum of twenty people. The group booking is only done or confirmed if the customer pays
$100 in advance by cash or credit. It is deducted from the final meal payment by the customer.
No refund is given if the customer cancels the group booking. The group bookings also get a
15% discount on their meal orders. Customers can also book a table via phone or online.
Healthy Burgers also do catering for parties or meetings. The catering menu has burgers, salads,
chips and sliders to get the party started covering all bases of dietary and non-dietary
requirements. The rules for catering are that a next day catering order has to be done before 5
pm. The catering order can be booked online by providing a pickup date and pickup time
together with the number of boxes of meals required.
At the end of each day, Bob generates an inventory report that tells him how much inventory
should have been used for each item associated with a sale. The steps involved in Bob’s
inventory control system are as follows: Firstly, meet delivery trucks before opening the
restaurant. After this, upload and store deliveries. He needs to upload invoices into the system
and update the amounts received to the stock. He also needs to pay bills that are due and record
them as paid. The process of ordering food items and other items for the restaurant also needs
to be automated. If an item is perishable, such as meat, vegetables, or bread, the Murphy’s have
a standing order with a local supplier that a pre-specified amount of food is delivered each
weekday for that day’s use and each Saturday for weekend use. If the item is not perishable,
such as straws, cups, and napkins, an order is placed when the stock on hand reaches a certain
predetermined minimum order quantity. The sales of the restaurant are also dependent on the
season of the year. Burger business is not good during the summer months when students are
off campus. Thus the standing orders with their suppliers are reduced by specified amounts
during the summer and holiday breaks.
Healthy burger’s software system also displays staff vacancies or vacant positions. The
vacancies are also advertised in a local paper. The jobseekers or prospective employees of
Healthy burgers can apply for vacant positions at Healthy Burgers either online or by post. The
management team keeps or maintains a weekly roaster for all the staff. Its super-supportive
management teams offer work hours that can fit around staff commitments, like university
study, sporting events or family commitments. To help young employees balance work and
study, restaurant has flexible rostering system can accommodate exam periods and other
important activities. Healthy burger’s top menu is also enjoyed by all the staff members through
an exclusive employee discount card which offer fantastic discounts on restaurant’s food i.e.
50% discount on a meal during, before or after each shift,
Healthy Burgers also publishes a monthly newsletter in which it gives information about new
burger menu options and monthly specials. It gives some health tips and suggestions for healthy
eating habits. Healthy Burgers is an environmentally friendly restaurant. The paper and
cardboard used for takeaway packaging and knife sleeves are PEFC and FSC Certified. It
comes from sustainably planted forests.
3. Deadlines and deliverables
The items to hand in, the date to hand them in, and the marks for each part, are shown below.
The estimated workload for all parts, for each person on the team, is about 36-54 hours. The
actual workload may vary by a factor of three due to individual variation.
3.1 Week 5, 14th April (10 marks)
Use Case Model (Objectives 1 to 6)
Identify all the use cases mentioned in the system description and draw a use case diagram,
with all use case relationships. It has an expected workload of 8 hours for each group member.
There can be approximately 10-20 use cases selected from this system description.
Marking Criteria:
Suitable Use Cases/Actors/Links: 6
Include/Extend/Generalization relationships: 4
3.2 Week 5, 14th April (5 marks)
Use Case Descriptions (Objectives 1 to 6)
Describe 3 use cases using the format described in the lecture notes, showing all details for
each use case; describe any included or extended tasks that are required by the stated use cases.
It has an expected workload of 3-4 hours for each group member. Each use case should require
at most 3 pages of text, and some may take less than one page.
Marking Criteria:
Preamble: 1.5
Mainline: 2
Extensions: 1.5
3.3 Week 8, 12th May (10 marks)
Class Diagram (Objectives 1 to 6)
Design a design class diagram which shows, for each class in the system, the class name and
attributes, plus the class associations, multiplicities and operations. Include any inheritance,
composition or aggregation relations. It has an expected workload of 15 hours for each group
Marking Criteria:
Suitable Classes: 2.5
Suitable attributes and types: 2.5
Appropriate Associations: 2.5
Suitable Operations: 2.5
3.4 Week 8, 12th May (5 marks)
Sequence Diagram (Objectives 1 to 6)
Draw 3 sequence diagram which show all messages (method calls) between classes,
including any parameters, and any value returned from a method call. It shows object
selection, iteration, and object creation and / or destruction. It has an expected workload of 5
hours for each group member.
Marking Criteria:
Appropriate Control Flow: 3
Correct Notation: 2
3.5 Week 12, 9
th June (10 marks)
Java Code (Objectives 1 to 6)
Write Java code for 3 methods of any one class or different classes in the class diagram. It has
an expected workload of 10 hours for each group member.
Marking Criteria:
Reasonable method logic: 3
Specific correct parameters: 2
Executable code: 5
3.6 Week 12, 9
th June (5 marks)
Connection to Database (Objectives 1 to 6)
Connect one class or entity to MySQL database. Apply or show CRUD operations on one or
two objects. It has an expected workload of 5 hour for each group member.
Marking Criteria:
Appropriate Code: 2.5
Executable code: 2.5
3.7 Week 12, 9
th June (5 marks)
User Interface Design (Objectives 1 to 6)
Each group has to design user interface for three methods’ data input and output. The design
consists of a set of screen layouts that define the data input to and displayed on each screen. It
has an expected workload of 5 hour for each group member.
Marking Criteria:
Appropriate Screen Layout: 2.5
Executable input/output: 2.5
3.8 Week 12, 9
th June (10 marks)
Video of Assignment Java Code (Objectives 1 to 6)
Each member of the group has to submit 5 to 10 minutes of video demo of their Java Code of
any three methods, database connection as well as the user interfaces.
Marking Criteria:
Structure and order of presentation: 5
Explanation of Java Code: 5

4. Group and individual marks
The assignment is done in groups of three. When you hand in the final part of the assignment,
you must rate each member of the group on how much that person has contributed to the overall
mark; the form is included at the end of this document. The contribution of each team member
is written on the form, and each person signs the form. The individual mark is the team mark
weighted by the individual contribution. You must fill in and sign the form; if you do not, then
your assignment mark will be zero. Any group experiencing problems that cannot be resolved
within the group should contact the Subject Coordinator as soon as possible. In extreme cases,
the Subject Coordinator may withdraw a problem student from a group. That student must then
find another group, or work alone. No complaints will be heard after the submission date.
5. Academic Conduct
The solution should be the original work of the members of your team. No collaboration is
allowed with any other person. You are not permitted to discuss your solution with, or show it
to, any student outside your team. The Faculty penalty for proven and serial misconduct of this
nature is zero marks for the subject, as stated on the Subject Outline.
6. Assignment Submission and Return
You build a system specification by delivering seven documents, where each document builds
on the previous one; the timing and deliverables are described in section 3. For each part
 submit a soft copy (word or pdf format(for UML Models), .java files ( for Java Code) ) of
the assignment on Canvas
 The assignments will be marked approx. in two weeks’ time.
 No late submission is accepted. Failure to submit assignment on time will result in penalty
(10% of marks obtained will be deducted per day).
7. Special Consideration
Special cases are to be discussed and considered by the subject coordinator. If any student’s
performance in an assessment item or items has been affected by extenuating or special
circumstances beyond his/her control (work problems, family problems, or health problems),
then he/she may apply for Special Consideration. If you are requesting an extension of time of
one week or less to submit an assignment you should contact your subject coordinator, do not
formally apply for special consideration.
8. Minimum Requirements
In order to pass the assignment, each student must get more than 50% of the total assignment
Appendix A: Individual contribution to the assignment
Fill in and submit this form with the last part of the assignment in week 12.
The group mark is multiplied by an individual weighting to calculate the individual mark.
One way to allocate marks is to give each member of the group an initial weighting of 100. If
a member of the group has contributed more than the others, then that person's weight is
increased and the weights on the other members are decreased so the total weight is always
100*n, where n is the number of people in the group (normally three). No person can score
more than 60 marks for the assignment; any marks above 60 will be ignored.
The following table must be filled in and signed by every member of the group, and
submitted with the final part of the solution in week 12. No individual mark will be given until
this form has been signed and submitted.
Group number:
Student id, name Weight Signature

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