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Help With-CS412 MEANGhostwriter JSP Course

CAS CS412 MEAN PS7: Simple Web App
Let’s extend our Angular skills.
0. Create a new branch, PS7, from PS6. Be sure that your .gitignore file has an
entry to exclude /node_modules from being pushed to github.
1. Write a simple Angular application that queries the route that you created in
PS6 using an Angular service:

a. Use a validated form [require the input term and validate it is longer than 1
character] and a ‘query’ button on your Angular app to initiate the request,
passing any search term that you might need for your back-end API.

b. On the Angular side, use a service to make the call to the back-end Node

c. Use three Angular components. The first component should hold the form,
and the second should display the result of the query. Use @Input in the child
to receive data from its parent for display. The third component will enclose
and be the parent of the other two. 

d. When displaying data, use *ngIf and *ngFor to parse through an iterable
containing your response data. When no data is present, *ngIf should hide
that portion of your page. Note: If your back-end source returns just one item,
duplicate it on the back end to present an array of data to the front end (just a
few duplicates needed to demonstrate *ngFor).

d. When displaying data, include an indicator to show whether the data was
retrieved from cache on the backend, or from a third-party API call.

2. Push your homework files to your GitHub repo.

3. Submit the GitHub repo/branch on Gradescope to complete the assignment.

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