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College of Science – Computer Science
CS-135 – Professional Issues 2: Software Development
Release Time: 09:20 Tuesday 19/05/2020 (Time Zone: BST)
Deadline: 17:20 Tuesday 19/05/2020 (Time Zone: BST)
Alternative Assessment Information
• This is an open-book assessment. This means you may consult your notes, textbooks, and
other resources, including calculators, as you see fit.
• You must submit before the deadline. Allow some spare time for technical submission issues.
• This assessment is designed to take 2 hours to complete (maybe a little longer to account for
typing speed). The deadline has been set to give you a longer window than necessary to allow
you time to deal with technical issues, provide some flexibility of starting times, and to help
students with disability access plans that require rest breaks and extra time.
• It is suggested that you use Microsoft Word (or any other editor of your choice) to type your
answers, then save as PDF when you are ready to submit. All submitted text must be wordprocessed,
but you may include images (or photos of hand drawn images) as part of the
• This is an individual assessment. Under no circumstances are you to discuss any aspect of
this assessment with anyone; nor are you allowed to share this document, ideas or solutions
with others using email, social media, instant messaging, websites, or any other means. Your
attempts at these questions must be entirely your own work. Those found to have collaborated
with others will receive a mark of 0.
Special Instructions
Answer all questions.
Submission Instructions
• Please submit a single PDF file named as your student number (e.g. 123456.pdf) via the
submission link located on the module page in Blackboard/Canvas.
By submitting, electronically and/or hardcopy, you state that you fully understand and are complying
with the university’s policy on Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct.
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Question 1:
Complete the following sentences:
1. An activity diagram is a typical instance of . . .
2. Writing down author and version at the beginning of a program means to write . . .
3. The combination of requirement documents, design documents, program code, user manual, and
system manual is called . . .
4. Extreme Programming, Waterfall Model, Spiral Model are instances of . . .
5. The datatype of a queue is often used to decouple . . .
6. A method that changes the global state of a program has a . . .
7. An abstract idea in philosophy or an idea or mental image which corresponds to some distinct
entity or class of entities is called . . .
8. The combination of source code editor, compiler and/or interpreter, build automation tools, and
debugger is called . . .
9. A description how to form programs that are valid according to the language’s syntax is called
. . .
10. Commenting variable declarations, branching structures, loops, methods declarations is often
called . . .
11. Performing the (physical) experiments as described by the test cases is called . . .
12. Designing good test suites is important because in principle . . .
13. Boundary value analysis is a ‘good’ testing method as a surprising number of faults turn out to
be . . .
14. When one assumes that failures are not the result of the simultaneous occurrence of two (or more)
faults, one makes . . .
15. Every partition gives rise to . . .
16. A directed path that begins and ends at the same node is called . . .
17. The order in which the statements of a computer program are executed is called . . .
18. A set of test cases such that, when executed, every node of the program graph is traversed at
least once, covers for . . .
19. Three challenges for Software Engineering are how to deliver (large) software projects . . .
20. First writing automated tests and then writing the code as well as having a ten-minute build are
. . .
[Each correct answer gives 1 mark – in total: 20 marks]
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Question 2: Blackbox Testing
1. Consider the Computational Problem AlteredProduct:
Input: integers −20 ≤ x ≤ 20 and −10 ≤ y ≤ 10
Output: integer x + y + 4
Give a test suite for Robustness Testing.
[5 marks]
2. Consider the following computational problem:
Input: integers 0 ≤ Age ≤ 100, 0 ≤ C laims ≤ 10
Output: integer Increase,
booleans Warning, Cancel
where the values for Increase, Warning, and Cancel are computed according to the following
• If the person is 25 or younger and they have zero claims they will receive a GBP 50 increase
in their insurance premium.
• If the person is 26 or older and they have zero claims they will receive a GBP 25 increase in
their insurance premium.
• If the person has one claim and they are
– 25 or younger, they will receive a GBP 100 increase and a warning letter.
– 26 or older, they will receive a GBP 50 increase.
• If the person has 2-4 claims, they get a warning letter, and if they are:
– 25 or younger, they will receive a GBP 400 increase.
– 26 or older, they will receive a GBP 200 increase.
• If the person has more than 5 claims, their policy is canceled (and no increase to premium).
(a) Define partitions for the input domains of the carInsuranceRenewal problem.
(b) Give a minimal test suite for weak-normal equivalence class testing. Note that the output is
a triple of values, namely
• a value for increase
• a value for warning
• a value for cancel
Consider a test case encoding that a person of age 6 has collected 4 claims and therefore
ought to receive a GBP 400 increase and a warning letter, but have their policy continue.
In a table form, this test case could be represented as:
Test-Name Age Claims Expected output
Increase Warning Cancel
T1 7 4 400 true false
CS-135: Page 3 of 10
(c) Combine weak-normal equivalence class testing and boundary value analysis testing to a new
test approach, where
• each set in the original partition is divided into three sets (if possible)
– Min set - consisting of the minimum value
– Max set - consisting of the maximum value
– Norm set - consisting of all other values
• and the single fault assumption is applied.
To this end,
i. Define the new partitions for the problem.
ii. Give a minimal test suite for such combination of methods.
[1.5 + 1 + (3.5 + 4) = 10 marks]
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Question 3: Whitebox testing
1. Consider the Computational Problem Sort:
Input: array A of integers
Output: a sorted version of A
and a Java program solving this problem:
source: https://www.sanfoundry.com/java-program-implement-selection-sort/
You can write arrays as [1, 2, 3] or [] for the empty array.
(a) Give a path in the program graph of selection sort that needs to be covered to ensure C0
(b) Give a minimal test suite for C0.
(c) Does any minimal test suite of selection sort for C0 also cover for Cp?
(d) Give a minimal test suite for Ci(3).
(e) Does your minimal testsuite for Ci(2) execute all loops for the required number of times?
[1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 6 marks]
2. A coverage criterion A is different from a criterion B, if there exist a program P such that covering
for A requires a different set of paths to be covered in the program graph of P than for B.
(a) Write a Java program and explain why it demonstrates that C0 and Cp are different testing
(b) Write a Java program and explain why it demonstrates that Cp and Ci(1) are different testing
[4.5 + 4.5 = 9 marks]
End of Paper
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