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KIT214 2020 S2
Assignment 1
Online Shopping System using MVC
Weight 15%
You need to create an Online Shopping Management System (SMS) using the MVC model. This
system is Multi-database registration and search system that allows users to speed up search process
for products using several databases. It relies on separation of concept that makes it
reusable, extensible and maintainable. The functionalities for the SMS should be as follows:
i. Register: Any user should be able to register an account with following details:
a. Name, Username, Age, Address, password, email
ii. Login: Any user with an account should be able to log in with following details:
a. Username/password
iii. Search: Any logged in user should be able to search for an item in the databases:
• By seller name
• By item name
• By price
• By type (e.g. food, electronics, cleaning, toys, furniture)
• By Year of manufacture (only year YYYY)
For deploying and testing your SMS, Nectar Cloud will be used. As a design requirement for SMS, the
separation of database layer from application layer is required. This means your SMS should be
deployed in one VM and your MySQL server will be deployed on the other VM.
VM for hosting web application. The structure of your application will look like the following:
• Controller: receives user query and execute the logic to retrieve results. It will interact with
multiple models and decide which view should be displayed.
• Model: different models for databases’ tables.
• View: different views for different UI parts
VM for hosting database server
• You can create your own database design in MySQL. It should contain tables for Items and
Users etc.
• You need to create at least 2 databases in MySQL server
(a) For items registered before 2015, only item name, seller and price are available
(b) For itemsregistered from 2015, item type and year of manufacture are also available
beside the information in (a)
• Every database can have the same tables but must contain at least one extra/different column
depending on the information available. You will also have to create 2-3 VIEWs as suitable.
KIT214 2020 S2
Based on the above system architecture, your application must be hosted on 1 VM and
connect to MySQL server on another VM to query all databases and report results for
Search feature. Note that not all databases will have the same type of information.
• best security practice must be applied to connect to remote MySQL server
• the results should be retrieved from all databases for given query
• You need to configure security groups and open the required ports to allow your application
to establish a remote connection with MySQL server
For anything NOT covered in tutorials, you have to search yourself.
You will need to submit your source code, SQL files for databases and a ReadMe file as a zip file
in MyLO, but your VMs must be running for evaluation.
Due to Online teaching, you will need to screen record a presentation for this Assignment
with a recording of your screen activities and your audio. (Instruction will be given in the tutorials)
In this video, you need to explain everything you have done i.e. explain your code
and configurations and why/how you have done them. It should be about 7-10 mins long (not
very strictly).
Further details and checklist on how to make this video will be released later.
Please see unit outline for late submission rules

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