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Consider this to be your final semester with you graduating soon. An obvious step after graduation would be to look and apply for jobs. Before graduating, you decide to use the skills you learned in IAB206 to prepare a social network database using MongoDB. The objective is to develop a database of 30 close professional contacts you had developed during your study at QUT as a means to approach the right person with the right skill for a job, or request for reference. Your LinkedIn profile (if you have one) is a good resource, but every time you visit a person’s profile, that person is notified. This is something that you do not want, especially when you will be looking at the profiles of people on a frequent basis to decide whom to contact and for what. Hence, the idea of your own private, flexible database.

Question 1. Create a database with a justifiable name in MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

Question 2. Think of a document structure you would like to have for each contact. You need to have a minimum of 10 fields. We are providing five in the assessment, the other five (or more) need to be added based on a logical argument. We have also provided a suggested structure that can serve as guidance.

Out of 10 fields:
1.A minimum of two fields should be of array data type, and
2.A minimum of one field should have an embedded document.
The five fields you are required to have are as follows:

Possible document structure follows. Please note: If you wish to learn MongoDB, it is not recommended that you use the suggested structure but come up with your own.

Please provide a document structure as a solution to this question.

Question 3. Enter 20 documents with field and values, based on the structure identified in Question 2. Please note that two documents should not have all the fields identified in Question 2.

*Before you populate the values in your database, it would be a good idea to carefully go through the remaining questions to note some of the mandatory values you need to have in your database.

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