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Help With COM1001Help With Java Assignment

Academic Year 2019-2020 
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COM1001 Introduction to Software 
Engineering (ACADEMIC YEAR 2019~20) 
Multiple Instructors 
COM1002 Foundations of Computer 
Science (ACADEMIC YEAR 2019~20) 
Multiple Instructors 
YEAR 20 
COM1009 Introduction to Algorithms and 
Data Structures (SPRING 2019~20) 
Multiple Instructors 
FCE1001 Global Engineering Challenge 
Week (AUTUMN 2019~20) NOT IN USE 
Course CatalogueCOM1003 Java Programming (ACADEMIC YEAR 2019~20) 
Assignment - Semester 2COM1003 Java Programming (ACADEMIC YEAR 2019~20) 
Assignment - S mester 2 
A Fitness activity tracker data browser - Assignment 2020 
Assignment handout  (submission date updated on 21 April) - 
- please, make sure that your read this carefully.  
Submission guidance and assessment/marking criteria 
 (submission date updated on 21 April). 
A minor bug has been �xed in Participant.java (patch released 
on 13th May): 
If you are already working on the assignment and 
you have the public tests in place: 
Just download the patched Participant.java  and 
replace it in your local project. 
If you are already working on the assignment and 
you do not have yet the public tests in place: 
Download the patched Participant.java and 
replace it in your local project, 
Add the following selection of  public tests   to your 
project.  Your submission should pass these 
before submitting your assignm nt. T ese tests 
are just a limited sample of the battery of tests 
that your submission will undergo during 
marking. See below some guidance about how to 
make sure that tests are properly imported into 
your Eclipse project. 
If you still need to start working on the assignment, 
please download the following zip �le, which contains 
This item contains all of the information you will need for the 
assignment, which is worth 58% of the second semester mark.  
The submission deadline is 3pm on Friday 22 May. 
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