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CITS 3004
Assignment: CTF
This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.
Worth: 20% of the unit
Due: Final marks will be counted on 16 October 2020, 5PM (hereon, everything is due on 5PM of the day specified).
Late submissions: late submissions attract 5% penalty of the whole grade per day up to 7 days. After 7 days, your mark
will be zero.
1. Outline
This assignment is a capture the flag (CTF) style assessment item, which requires you to use your
cybersecurity knowledge to solve as many questions as possible. Any plagiarised work will be marked zero.
2. Getting started
 You must first create an account on the CTF server:
o Remember to have https at the front.
 You must create an account with your user ID with your student ID and use your student email.
o You can customise any other fields.
 If you have issues creating an account, contact the Unit Coordinator.
Figure 1. CITS3004 CTF Server Front Page
CITS 3004
3. Your Tasks
Solve as many questions as you can on the CTF server!
You can also view other students' scores, which should let you know your relative position.
There may be more questions added later, stay tuned! (You will be notified by LMS announcement when it
PART 2. REPORT (20%)
For each question you solve, you are required to outline the steps you took to get the solution concisely
(clearly explain and keep it as short as possible). Once you completed the CTF, you need to submit your
report that contains your explanations to each question as a single PDF document on LMS by the due date.
If your report is incorrect, then the corresponding question marks may be deducted or removed.
If your report is correct but not sufficiently detailed, then it will only affect the report mark.
1. You are required to do additional research as necessary in order to solve those questions.
2. The CTF scores form 80% of the assignment, and the report 20%.
3. If you launch any attacks against the CTF server, you will be marked zero and be forwarded to the
academic misconduct team.
a. If you have mistakenly made changes, contact me ASAP.
b. If we find you first, then you will get zero.
4. If you think you found the correct solution but was not accepted as a correct flag and suspect
someone has altered the flag, contact us to discuss about your solution. The applicable questions in
this category are:
a. Web - Secure Notes Program
b. E Bank - Task 1: Initial Foothold
c. E Bank - Task2: User Escalation
d. E Bank - Task3: Root Escalation
Let me know if you find any other bugs in the questions.
4. Submission
Your CTF score will be used to calculate Part 1 marks. Submit your final report on LMS by the deadline, which
will be used to calculate Part 2 marks. Marks are scaled accordingly.
CITS 3004
5. Rubrics

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