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Question 1 - CRC cards (6 points):
Use CRC cards in the design of an information system for a school. Use the following classes: School, Department, Student, Course, and Instructor. Identify the main responsibilities and collaborators for each class.
Question 2 - UML class diagram (7 points):
Based on your answer to question 1, draw a UML class diagram showing the relationships (and multiplicities) between the classes School, Department, Student, Course, and Instructor
Question 3 - Sequence diagram (7 points):
Draw a sequence diagram showing hiring an Instructor by Department/School and assigning the Instructor to a class, using classes from the previous tasks.
You can use programs like lucidchart or draw diagrams by hand and then take a picture. Please make sure that everything is readable, otherwise, an unreadable answer will be marked as incorrect.
Please, submit everything as one file (preferably pdf)

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