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Homework 4
- There is a picture that includes several chickens (chicken clean.png), and there is a picture of
a bug (bug.jpg).
- You should write an algorithm that find the coordinate of the bug inside the picture. This
means that you need to read the bug coordinate and report it in the output, no GUI is
- Your video should include manually puttinga bug on the “chicken clean.png” picture and
test your algorithm and the algorithm should say the position of the bug.
- In other words, you will need to put the bug in the picture and then search for its position in
terms of x and y coordinate. If you are comfortable scaling the bug size I am ok with it. You
can make it larger to read it better.
- I recommend to convert the original image into segments (set of patches), and then each
segment into time series. Also convert the bug image into time series. Then you should
compare time series together and find the most similar patch to the bug image (based on
comparing time series).
- In other words, convert each segment into time series. Then by moving segment per
segment, i.e. using patch, you can measure the similarity of time series and identify the
coordinates of the bug in the picture.
- Your video should include experimenting with at least three different placement of the bug
and execution of the algorithm.

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