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Operating Systems (COMP2211)
Coursework 5: Independent project
Submission You should submit your work as a .pdf file, no other format will be accepted. You
should submit via Gradescope.
Deadline 8th January 2021
Weighting This piece of summative coursework is worth 20% of the module grade.
Learning outcomes In this coursework you will demonstrate:
- The ability to make reason design decisions.
- A knowledge of modern operating system components.
- The ability to program components of an operating system.
In this coursework you will produce a report about the implementation of a new feature in the Xv6
operating system. The new feature may be an enhancement of an already existing component of
the operating system. You may choose to implement something from the list below, or if you would
like to do something different then please speak to the module leader to ensure it is appropriate.
- Copy-on-write functionality
- Interprocess communication
- User threads
- Scheduler enhancements (past that provided in Coursework 4)
- Shell enhancements
- Implementation of mmap
- Implementation of better error handling by the operating system.
Your report should be no more than 4 sides of A4 (single spaced, 10pt font minimum), including
figures and references. You should ensure that any sources are appropriately referenced.
You may provide an appendix containing any code you wish to be considered as part of your
submission - this should be referenced in the text.
Your report should contain the following section headers:
- Feature description (5 marks)
- Design considerations (5 marks)
- Implementation details (5 marks)
- Evaluation of the feature (5 marks)
The clarity of your report will be included in the marking. You should carefully consider the
appropriate use of text, figures and tables.

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