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Help With CS310 Assignment 2 Hash Tables

Profs Akhter/Russell Assignment 2: Hash Tables CS310 – Spring 2020

Assignment 2: Hash Tables
(replacement for P3c P4a)

DUE: Apr. 19th at 11:59pm
Extra Credit Available for Early Submissions!

• Download the assignment2.zip and unzip it.
• This will create a folder section-yourGMUUserName-a2.
• Rename the folder replacing section with the 001, 002, 005, etc. based on the lecture section you are in.
• Rename the folder replacing yourGMUUserName with the first part of your GMU email address.
• After renaming, your folder should be named something like: 001-krusselc-a2.
• Complete the readme.txt file (an example file is included: exampleReadmeFile.txt) .

Submission Instructions
• Make a backup copy of your user folder!
• Remove all test files, jar files, class files, etc.
• You should just submit your java files and your readme.txt
• Zip your user folder (not just the files) and name the zip section-username-a2.zip (no other type of
archive) following the same rules for section and username as described above.
o The submitted file should look something like this:
001-krusselc-a2.zip --> 001-krusselc-a2 --> JavaFile1.java
Submitting the wrong files will result in a 0 on the assignment!

Basic Procedures
You must:
• Have code that compiles with the command: javac *.java in your user directory without errors or warnings.
• Have code that runs with the command: java ThreeTenHashTable1, and java
ThreeTenHashTable2, and java DemoProgram in your user directory.
• Have a style (indentation, good variable names, etc.) -- you must pass the style checker!
• Comment your code well in JavaDoc style -- you must pass the comments checker!

You may:
• Add additional methods and variables to both provided classes, however these methods must be private.

You may NOT:
• Make your program part of a package.
• Add additional public methods or variables.
• Add any additional libraries/packages which require downloading or use any code from the internet.
• Import any additional libraries/packages or add any additional import statements (or use the “fully qualified
name” to get around adding import statements). THERE SHOULD BE NO IMPORTS IN ANY FILES.
• Alter any method/class signatures defined in this document of the template code. Note: “throws” is part of the
method signature in Java, don’t add/remove these.
• Alter provided classes or methods that are complete (e.g. DemoProgram, toString(), etc.).
• Add @SuppressWarnings to any methods unless they are private helper methods for use with a method we
provided which already has an @SuppressWarnings on it.
Profs Akhter/Russell Assignment 2: Hash Tables CS310 – Spring 2020

Grading Rubric

No Credit
• Non submitted assignments
• Assignments submitted after 5pm the Monday after the due date
• Non-compiling assignments
• Non-independent work
• Code that violates and restrictions or “you may not” mandates.
• "Hard coded" solutions
• Code that would win an obfuscated code competition with the rest of CS310 students

How will my assignment be graded?
• Automatic Testing (100%): To assess the correctness of programs.
• You CANNOT get points for code that doesn't compile or for submitting just the files given to you.
• Extra credit for early submissions:
o 1% extra credit rewarded for every 24 hours your submission made before the due time
o Up to 5% extra credit will be rewarded
o Your latest submission before the due time will be used for grading and extra credit checking. You
CANNOT choose which one counts.

Automated Testing Rubric
The JUnit tests used for grading will NOT be provided for you (you need to test your own programs!), but the tests will be
based on what has been specified in the project description and the comments in the code templates. A breakdown of the
point allocations is given below:

50 pts ThreeTenHashTable1 – Open Addressing with Linear Probing
50 pts ThreeTenHashTable2 – Separate Chaining
-5pts (“off the top”) Not following the submission format
Note: This is very, very important for these assignments; the graders need to return grades very
fast. If you do not follow the submission format (the same one you’ve been using for P0, P1,
and P2), then they will manually deduct 5pts from your score. No exceptions.
-5 pts (“off the top”) Not passing code style check
-5 pts (“off the top”) Not passing JavaDoc style check

"Off the top" points (i.e. items that will lose you points rather than earn you points).

Assignment Overview
You will be creating two different types of hash maps (hash tables that “map” unique keys to values). One map
(ThreeTenHashTable1) will use open addressing with linear probing and the other (ThreeTenHashTable2) will use
separate chaining. Both maps will do the same things (i.e. they will have the same operations, such as put(), get(),
rehash(), etc.), but they will do them in different ways (probing vs chaining).

The storage (storage) for each has been setup for you and you cannot change this. For open addressing, the storage is

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