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Winter Term 2022

Project #2

(due Tuesday, Feb. 22)

This project consists of two parts:

1. Plot the horizontal (normalized) radiation patterns for day and night (in linear and polar form) for the AM radio
station KOAC (550KHz), as well as the radiation patterns for the radio stations KEX (1190KHz) in Portland
and KUGN (590 KHz) in Eugene. The necessary information about antenna phasing, spacing, and orientation
is given in the lecture notes and in the diagrams attached below.

2. Design a wire dipole antenna together with a matching network to match the antenna to a 300W twin-lead wire.

Specifications: design frequency f = 144MHz

dipole length: L < 1 m

gain: GdB > 2dBi

VSWR=1.5 bandwidth > 6MHz

neglect any ohmic losses in antenna and wires

For the matching network you have available only an unlimited supply of 300W and 600W twin-lead wire.

The script 'impedance.m' available on the ECE484 Canvas site computes the complex (frequency-dependent)
antenna impedance for a user-specified frequency range or range of dipole lengths normalized with respect to
wavelength. The script 'dipole.m' computes the antenna impedance and gain (directivity) for a single frequency
point or for a specified dipole length normalized with respect to wavelength.

Project Requirements:

The project should be conducted in groups of of two or three.
For groups of two (three), show two (three) different designs for part 2 that meet the design specifications.

Simulate the performance of the two (three) designs in Matlab.

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