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Help With XJCO 2811,Help With C++ Programming

XJCO 2811:User Interfaces 2022-2023
COURSEWORK 0: Cave Plus Plus
Goals of this CW:
• Test your understanding of basic C++,
• Object-oriented programming in C++,
• Arrays, pointers, and references.
• Introduce a basic terminal user interface to a block-world
Getting started:
• Download the zipped project and open with Qt Creator.
• extract the project to a location on your computer
• go "File" → "Open File or Project" and select the .pro file in the zip
• select the Qt Kit you wish to use (the default is usually correct) and click
"Configure Project".
• click the run button to start the program. You may need to set the project to
"run in terminal" as detailed in lab 1.
• you should see something like this:
• Try out the program:
• the program will show you a world which is an array of characters
• you will be presented with a prompt. Type "move west" followed by
enter. observe the result.
• try these commands:
• "move north"
• "move east" - notice this fails!
• "place coin" - shown as an underscore _, or L if Tom is also at the location
• "place mushroom"
• "exit"
• Run the test script:
• If you run the main function with a single command line argument "test", it will run
the test function. This is an example of the kind of function I will use to grade your
code (but I will change the details). You can set the command line arguments in
Creator by clicking "Projects" → "Run" and then edit
"Command line arguments" on the right.
• The test function will also write out a .patch file that you must submit via Minerva
before the deadline.
• Read the code to understand how the program works. Use the debugger and breakpoints to
help you do this.
Your tasks:
Make the following changes to the program. Do not edit the files marked "Do not change
this file" in the comments at the top; you may have to click + to show all comments. You may
use the std library (but no others) to assist you if necessary. If you get stuck on one part,
continue to the others:
1. Fix the code so that the move command will accept "move east" and "move south" and
move tom appropriately.
(12/2 marks)
2. Currently the system only creates a small (8x8) Cave. Edit the constructor to cave so
that multiple sizes can be constructed. If you set the Command line arguments in your
IDE to a string such as "12 16" it will create a cave of a different size.
• remove the code which throws a logic_error if the size is not 8x8 in
the Cave constructor
• edit the constructor to create an array of locations based on the sizes given
• remember to add Rocks around the edge of the cave
(12/2 marks)
3. The Cave destructor is currently broken - it does not return all the memory allocated
by new statements in the Cave constructor. Fix this.
(12/2 marks)
4. The Cave class does not have a copy constructor or a copy assignment
operator defined. Implement them, creating a deep copy of the cave each time.
• A deep copy shares no variables or memory with the original
• All dynamically allocated variables will have to be deep copied
• If those variables contain dynamically allocated variables, they will also need to
be copied.
• To copy Cave you might write and use a copy constructor in Location.
• To deep copy a vector of pointers, you will have to deep copy each element of
the vector.
(12/2 marks)
5. Create the "throw

" command:
• Add a new command, "throw", which works like "place", but takes another
argument which specifies the direction (north, south, east, or west). The object is
placed 1 location away from tom in the given direction. If the location where the
object is thrown is blocking (Location::isBlocking()), the object shouldn't
be placed. For example, to throw a "coin" one step "north" you would type:
"throw coin north"
(12/2 marks)
6. Add the placeable object "bomb" and a command "explode" which takes no arguments,
and causes a chain reaction through contiguous bombs.
• Allow us to place a new type of Thing called "bomb". This type of thing does not
block tom, and can be placed. For example, "place bomb" positions a bomb at
tom's current location.
• "explode" causes all bombs at locations under or adjacent to tom to explode
(north, south, east, west of Tom, as well as the location of Tom).
• An exploding bomb destroys all objects (including Rocks, but not including Tom)
in the same Location.
• All adjacent bombs (to the north, south, east, and west) also explode in the chain
reaction - this continues until no more bombs are adjacent.
• You may wish to use std::set to keep track of the exploding Locations.
(40/5 marks)
To Submit:
• Test your program in the lab before submission. It will be marked using that
version of gcc.
• Ensure your program writes no debugging information to cout or cerr
• As above, run the test script to generate a single patch file of all your work
• This will create a username.patch file in your project directory
• Check the contents of the patch file to ensure all your source code is there,
and contains the outputs of the tests.
• Submit your username.patch via Gradescope
• Your program will be graded automatically using a script which is similar, but
not identical, to test.cpp…
• …so test your code carefully. Each part (1..6) of the assignment will be tested
in a different execution of your code. If your code crashes at the start of one
part, you will receive no marks for that part.
Other than Qt and the codebase you downloaded with this assignment, ALL code must be
written by you personally. While discussing solutions with colleagues is allowed, sharing
code is forbidden.
You must implement all of the functions above using the framework provided, as working
within an existing codebase is a valuable skill to master, and will be graded in this
The code MUST run on the University's Linux system. You may implement on your own
machine, but it will be tested on ours.
Every function you implement should contain comments using your own words explaining
what you did. This will be used to differentiate your work from your colleagues, and to
evaluate your understanding of what you did. Poorly commented submissions may be
penalised by up to 25% of the marks available.
Poorly structured code may be penalised by up to 25% of the marks available.
Code that does not compile properly will be assigned a mark of 0.
DUE DATE: 3/11/2022, 12 noon (UK time)

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