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CS 33400, Fall 2022 Assignment 8—Hardware rendering
n a nutshell

Extend your interactive 3-D graphics application to make use of graphics hardware.


Hardware rendering functionality
Interpolation of vertex colors loaded from geometric model file.
Texture mapping.
Wireframe and filled mode, for both vertex color interpolation and texture mapping.
Demonstrate hardware rendering on a 3-D scene with at least a per-vertex-colored object and a texture-mapped object.
Display the frame rate on the image (e.g. top left corner).
Define a camera path to show your scene, save it to file.
Make a 10s video of your scene hardware rendered along the camera path.
Extra credit
Shadow mapping (3%)
Projective texture mapping (3%)
Environment mapping of distance geometry (3%)
Environment mapped reflections (3%)
Turn in

Camera path file.
Movie file.
A README.txt description of your GUI.
Other Requirements

All required features and the extra features should be shown in the video. ?
Upload the video file separately, not in a zip file. (1 point)
TAs cannot edit your code, even for comment/uncomment.

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