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Assignment 2 Page 1 of 5 CS 490 W2022 UW
Lab 6: Three-tier Client/Server Architecture
1. This is an individual homework. Each student must submit his/her solution using the
2. All submissions are to be via the LEARN Submission System; no other way of
submission is accepted.
3. All submissions must be submitted through the dropbox by the due date or by the closure
date, Clouse Date allows 3 days for late submissions.
Purpose and Objective
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an implementation Transaction Processing
Success Criteria
Demonstration of multitier client/server architecture.
The ACID Properties, Web server, application server, database server, InnoDB. Distributed
databases, blockchain.
- Chapter 6.
- Chapter 7.
- You should submit an assignment report as well as copies of the scripts in Word File
Format or Acrobat Reader File Format.
- PHP Documentation: https://www.php.net/docs.php.
- MySQL Documentation: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/
- Apache Documentation: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/
Software Download:
- XAMPP 5.6.4 for Windows:
- XAMPP 5.6.4 for Mac
Assignment 2 Page 2 of 5 CS 490 W2022 UW
Part 1: Server-side Interaction
1. Install version 5.6.4 XAMPP platform. Start the Apache server, the MySQL server, and test
PHP by parsing the info.php script at the localhost.
2. Implement the data retention script and test it by inserting suitable data:
- The script captures your name (first and last), username, and password; the script should
also display those values.
Lab 6 Page 3 of 5 CSI 3140 S2023 UOTTAWA
Part 2: Datastore and Database Interaction
3.1 Write a script that validates user credentials that are stored in a datastore of type array
- Test the script for a valid user as well as an invalid user.
3.2 Create a database “auth” that would store credentials of users; also, create the table
“credentials” as per the following SQL statement:
CREATE TABLE `credentials`.`auth` ( `email` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ,
`password`VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL , `salt` INT NOT NULL , `comments` INT NOT
Lab 6 Page 4 of 5 CSI 3140 S2023 UOTTAWA
3.3 populate the table with the following data:
INSERT INTO `auth` (`email`, `password`, `salt`, `comments`) VALUES
('abdul@uottawa.ca', 'abc123', '10', '');
INSERT INTO `auth` (`email`, `password`, `salt`, `comments`) VALUES
('dave@uottawa.ca', 'pqr123', '20', '');
INSERT INTO `auth` (`email`, `password`, `salt`, `comments`) VALUES
('john@uottawa.ca', 'aaa123', '30', '');
3.4 Connect to the auth Database by creating the script a1.php:
3.5 Modify lines 14 and 19 through 25 in section 3.1 so that the user is authenticated using
the database credentials rather than the array values:
3.6 Add one additional record in the database that represents your email address and a
3.7 Test the authentication scheme using your email address and a password.
3.8 Provide a screen snapshot of the your database record and testing of the credentials using
Lab 6 Page 5 of 5 CSI 3140 S2023 UOTTAWA
screen snapshots. Parse all of the scrips on the localhost and document the outputs.

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