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Assignment 2 – Business Intelligence
Semester 1, 2023
Due Date Apr 24th 5pm
Assignment 2 is due on Apr 24th 5pm. Each group will
• upload the assignment files to Canvas and
• present your BI report and demonstrate your assignment on tutorial session on Apr
- 26
All members must be present for the demonstration. Groups without demonstrations
will be penalised for sections which are not demonstrated.
20% of course mark
Assignment Information
This is a group assignment. This assignment has 3 sections.
Group Formation
You need to work in groups of two for this assignment. You may continue with your
group members in Assignment 1 or form different groups for Assignment 2. If you are
forming a different group from Assignment 2, you must email the lecturer (CCing your
new group member and old group member from Assignment 1) by on 5
th April
11:59pm. Otherwise, your group is assumed to be the same as in Assignment 1.
Assignment Specifications
This assignment has 3 sections.
Section 1: Datawarehouse Design (5 marks)
In this section you will design a data warehouse schema for the LeisureAustralasia
(the scenario discussed in Assignment 1).
Design a data warehouse schema to satisfy LeisureAustralasia’s decision makers’
information needs. You need to only design the data warehouse schema only. You
do not need to implement it.
You need to write a short report explaining subject-area/s covered by your data
warehouse, illustrate the documented schema and discuss how the data warehouse
satisfies the information analysis needs of the University. Give examples of analysis
queries that your design supports.
Save your document as DatawarehouseDesign_LeisureAustralasia_

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