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COM661 Full Stack Strategies and Development

Over the course of the module, we construct the Biz Directory - a sample full stack application built around a database containing information on a range of businesses and a collection of user-contributed reviews. The assignment tests your understanding of this material by having you build your own full stack application, based around a data set of your choice. You can obtain your data set from any source, but you should modify its structure (if required) to provide the most appropriate fit for your functionality.

Your application can be in any field but must be driven by a back-end Python Flask API that interfaces with a MongoDB database and must provide opportunities to demonstrate all of the main database operations (store, retrieve, modify, delete). The front-end of the application will be developed in Angular.

The primary focus should be on usability and functionality. The application should fulfil a well-defined need and should provide a quality user experience.


Submissions will be marked according to the following criteria

Database structure and appropriateness to the application
Range and complexity of database queries
Provision of API endpoints with appropriate use of HTTP verbs and status codes
Use of individual user accounts and appropriate authentication
Evidence of automated API testing
Usability and appropriateness of front-end application
Demonstration of a range of Angular directives
Code structure and presentation
Extension of functionality from the Biz Directory example provided in class
Provision of appropriate documentation

This assignment is worth 100% of the total mark for the module


This assignment has a total notional workload of 40 hours.


The deadline for submission is Friday 15th December 2023. All work should be submitted to the Submission link in the Assessment area of Blackboard and should consist of the following elements:

A Zip file containing all code files for the back-end API.

A Zip file containing all code files for the front-end application.
Note: Please delete the node_modules folder from your front-end application before creating the Zip file – but ensure that your package.json file contains all instructions needed to re-build the application.

A Zip file containing a JSON file for each MongoDB collection in the database. JSON files should be generated by running the mongoexport command for each collection.

A video submission that provides a demonstration of your application in use with appropriate voiceover. Be sure to demonstrate all functionality (both front-end and back-end) that you want to draw attention to. The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes.

A PDF file containing
oa complete code listing of the back-end API
oa summary of all API endpoints
oa printout of the result of running an automated collection of tests on the API through Postman
oa printout of the API documentation generated through Postman

A PDF file containing
oCode listings for the front-end application files that you have developed or modified (you do not need to provide listings of files that are part of the Angular application structure that you have not modified)

A completed self-evaluation sheet on which you provide a critical appraisal of your submission against a range of marking criteria.

A video demonstrating the preparation of a submission pack for the sample Biz Directory application will be made available on Blackboard.


An interim submission during Week 8 (Friday 17th November) will consist of a short summary of your data set, application domain and implementation plan. This submission is for feedback only (i.e., no marks are awarded for this) and feedback on this will be provided through Blackboard within one week.

Individual feedback on each final submission will be provided in written form under the categories presented in the marking criteria above.

Feedback on final submissions will be returned by Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

Marking Scheme

You should be able to judge the level of your submission by reference to the following criteria. Note that the Biz Directory example referred to here, relates to the state of the application at the end of Practical D5

1st Class (70%+) The application will be fit-for-purpose and usable for the intended task. Functionality will be in excess of that demonstrated by the Biz example. The application will provide realistic examples of the CRUD database operations, and will be free from bugs.

2:1 (60-69%) The application will have a level of functionality similar to that of the Biz Directory example but will be in a different application area with a different data set. There may be minor usability issues or functionality deficiencies that prevent it from being truly fit for the intended purpose. The application should be free from major bugs that prevent elements of functionality from running properly.

2:2 (50-59%) The application will be similar to the Biz Directory example in terms of working functionality and data structure but will suffer from bugs or performance issues that prevent it from being a usable application. There will be at least some evidence that the developer has attempted to extend the basic functionality. The application may have significant usability issues.

3rd (40-49%) The application will be heavily influenced by the Biz Directory example, with extended re-use of code without modification. There will have been no visible attempt to enhance the functionality and there may be significant bugs that prevent it from working properly.

Fail (<40%) The application will suffer from major bugs that prevent it from being properly examined. There will have been no attempt to enhance functionality from the Biz Directory example

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