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Assignment 3 FAQs

1. What reference style. should I use for the assignment?

Reference using APA, Chicago, Harvard or Vancouver style. The first three are in-text, but Vancouver includes citations within the text of your paper that are identified by Arabic numerals in superscript. with no brackets – you may prefer this given the short word count. If using Vancouver, do not reference as a footnote, rather leave all citations to the references page.

The below link serves as a guide to citing and referencing Vancouver: https://library.unimelb.edu.au/recite

RECITE also contains guides for APA, Chicago and Harvard.

2. Are references included in word count?

References are not included in the word count.

3. Can I reference lecture slides?

No, please do not reference lecture slides. It is not academic nor professional to reference lecture slides. Instead, you can reference subject concepts from your required readings/book or other professional sources.

4. Does ‘high-quality research’ mean an acclaimed journal from websites like ScienceDirect, ResearchGate, etc.?

Not necessarily. You can also use trade magazines and other industry resources. We encourage students to utilise credible sources (e.g. newspaper, trade magazines, journal articles, library database) rather than informal/less credible sources (e.g. blog articles).

Some credible examples may include: Marketingmag, adage, WARC, adweek, Ad News, Mumbrella, Reuters, Forbes, etc.

5. Can I use the same brand as I did in Assignment 2?

Yes, you can. Make sure to avoid self-plagiarism by re-writing, paraphrasing, and adding new information. Given that you are pitching a new and original campaign proposal, some parts of your research and/or direction may be different to assignment 2 (i.e. situation analysis, objectives, target segment, marketing tactics/strategies/program, etc.). For example, you may take into consideration COVID-19 and the current climate.

6. Can I create a new product for the brand?

No, this is not what Marketing Communication does. As this subject explores Marketing Communications, you are required to focus on Promotion (from the 4Ps). The 4Ps include Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. Focus only on Promotion!

This includes significantly changing a brand’s offering in an illogical way i.e. taking a brand that only offers size 0 – 2 and making an “inclusive sizes” campaign. This would require significant product overhaul and is not what Marketing Communication does. In this case, it would be better to choose a brand with inclusive sizing and develop a new campaign for them.

7. What if after conducting a situation analysis, I derive objectives that happen to be similar to an existing campaign? Is this considered plagiarism?

This will not be considered plagiarism as long as you as your detailed media/messages strategies are original and unique. In your proposal, you may want to mention that similar campaigns have been implemented by the brand or competitors. Then, you can explain why you want to pursue the similar objective and how your campaign will achieve the objective using new ideas and strategies

8. I came across an existing campaign that could use some improvements. Would I be able to just suggest improvements as an extension to the current existing campaign?

In the case that you find a brand has not been successful in its campaign or have your own thoughts on how this campaign can be improved, you would need to create the next version of that campaign rather than just an extension to add on. For example, Dove's Real Beauty campaign has had several iterations, but each iteration is a new campaign.

9. Are appendices required?

Appendices are optional. They can be used to include any additional resources (such as figures, visuals of the campaign). You also have the choice to integrate photos within the paper, but do make sure to label everything properly and place these in a well-presented manner.

10. Can I include photos, videos, etc? 

Yes, but keep in mind we won’t be sitting through and carefully watching all the videos so same logic and answer applies as question 11 – it should not be used in place of essential information in your proposal.

11. Do I have to include photos, videos, etc in the appendix?

No, feel free to include it in the body of the assignment as long as it is well integrated with proper labelling and citations.

12. Should I create designs for the new campaign?

This is not a creative/design course. If you want to do that, there are several subjects in the Master of Marketing Communication where you can showcase your creative talents.

However, if you do want to include mock ups or other creative in your appendix, you will not be marked down for this.

13. Does the problem statement only need to address weaknesses or threats the brand is facing? What if the brand I’ve chosen doesn’t have specific issues but rather opportunities it can seize?

Most companies do have problems – it’s very rare that they don’t. However, you can choose to focus on opportunities rather than problems and end the situation analysis with an opportunity statement. Sometimes, some brands don’t have any specific issues, but they want to expand for better opportunities. That can motivate a new campaign.

14. How many subject theories should I integrate?

The number of theories is up to you. What matters is correct and in-depth use of theories to support arguments and sustain a clear line of thinking. Keep in mind that this is the final assignment so it should represent your understanding of the key concepts of the entire course.

15. Can I use a campaign from anywhere in the world?


16. Am I expected to include a positioning statement and perceptual map in my analysis?

You are not expected to include either one. A perceptual map can be integrated if it is based on a good idea and credible research. However, a map based on your own opinion/thoughts would not be considered good supporting evidence to sustain your argument.

17. Do we need to use subheadings? Can we add additional subheadings?

We recommend using the subheadings that have been outlined in the detailed assignment sheet (also available under ‘Assignments’ where you submit your file). This structure will also be discussed in tutorials. We would not recommend additional subheadings as the ones provided are sufficient.

18. Can we change around the subheadings?

We do not recommend changing the order as they are in that order for a reason. This order has been drawn from the marketing communications campaign planning process.

19. Do we need to follow the word count for each section?

No, the word counts for each section are simply a ballpark figure that can be used as a guide. This guide can help you in identifying the emphasis placed on each section. However, the word count guide is weighted that way for a purpose – the media and message analysis section should be the most detailed.

20. Is there a late submission penalty?

Yes, any late submission that has not been applied for and approved by your tutor will incur a 2% penalty per day.

21. What if I can’t submit by the due date?

Applying for an extension requires that you fill the Assignment Extension Form. on LMS and email to your tutor for approval (of up to 10 working days). This form. will need to be submitted at least one week ahead of the due date with a valid reason and is subject to approval. Some reasons that are not valid include: multiple assignments due, personal travel/holiday, work commitments, computer failure.

If you need more than 10 working days, please apply for Special Consideration: https://students.unimelb.edu.au/your-course/manage-your-course/exams-assessments-and-results/special-consideration 

22. Does this assignment have a marking rubric that we can look at?

Yes, the rubric is provided on the detailed assignment sheet.



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