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Homework 2
Weeks 4 and 5
# Load up the mpg dataset (from the ggplot2 package)
1. Create a plot comparing the miles per gallon by different driving location (cty or hwy). You may find
this easier to do if you transform the data set using a method we learned in a previous lesson. What do
you see in this plot/what should be the main takeaways?
2. Take the plot you created in 1 and make it publication ready however you see fit (scale, labels, color,
theme, etc.).
3. Create another plot on your own using the mpg data set. Explain why you chose to create the plot that
you did, why you chose the variables you did, and why you think it is an important relationship to look
at. Explain what you see in your plot.
4. Calculate each of the following and tell me what we can take away from each statistic:
• Count of drv
• Quartiles of hwy
• Mean and median of cty
Weeks 6 and 7
5. Take a look at the mpg data set. If we were to predict hwy using a linear regression model, what do you
think would be good to use as predictors? Use any pre-analysis steps or general knowledge of the data
set to support your ideas.
6. Using the mpg data set, build a model using displ, drv, and class to predict hwy. Explain your output
from a practical perspective.
7. Check regression assumptions; explain why each assumption is met or not.
# Load up the geyser data set in the MASS package
8. Perform some pre-analysis on the geyser data set; explain what you see.
9. Build a simple linear regression model predicting duration by waiting. Explain output and assumptions.
10. Build a polynomial model predicting the same thing as 9. You choose the degree. Explain your choices
and output. Compare this model with the one you built in 9. Which do you think is better?

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