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1.You are going to design an interesting quiz, using C.
2.Respondent is defined as the person who attempts your quiz.
3.This assignment contributes towards 14% of your assessment for the course and is marked out of 28.
4.You may work individually or with one other student.
5.Notify your teacher, in Week 12, of your topic and your partner.
6.Choose your partner carefully. A partner’s underperformance will not be accepted as an excuse for a poor submission.
7.Each student must submit a final copy of the C code, the .exe program, and the flowchart on a WORD document (not a screen shot).
8.Each of the three files must be labelled with your name, student number and theme. Example naming: Damon_3456789_Flowchart.docx
9.Select a topic of interest to you.
10.Write twenty questions to measure the respondent’s knowledge of your topic.
11.Prompt for the respondent to enter his/her name and display the name when giving the score at the end of the quiz.
12.The multi choice questions will each have four alternative answers.
13.Each answer will be labelled a, b, c or d. One alternative will be correct.
14.The respondent will select an answer that he/she thinks is correct by entering a or A, b or B, c or C, d or D.
15.The answer to each multi choice question will need to be validated. (The answer is one of a or A, b or B, c or C, d or D).
16.The validation will make use of a function call.
17.The respondent must give a valid answer (a, A, b, B, c, C, d, D) before moving on to the next question.
18.Each correct answer will increase the respondent’s score by 1.
19.The final score will be displayed after all questions are answered.
20.You will use a switch statement to rate the respondent.
The rating will be:
Score Title
20 to 18 Qualified
17 to 15 Master
14 to 12 Professional
11 to 9 Amateur
8 to 0 Try Hard

21.The screen and text will change colour to reflect the respondent’s success.
22.The respondent has the option of repeating the quiz.
23.Ensure that your programdoes not crash when invalid data is entered.
24.Draw a flowchart to show how the code progresses through one question (not the whole program).
25.Check, against the Marking Scheme, that your submissions are complete.

Marking Scheme

1.C code, exe program and WORD document correctly submitted. 2 marks

2.Respondent’s name is recorded and displayed. 2 marks

3.Twenty questions have been carefully designed. 2 marks

4.The .exe program is robust (does not crash). 2 marks

5.The score indicates the number of questions answered correctly. 2 marks

6.The respondent can repeat the quiz if he/she wants to. 2 marks

7.The respondent is rated according to the table above. 2 marks

8.The program uses a switch statement to rate the respondent. 2 marks

9.Screen and text change colour to match the respondent’s success. 2 marks

10.A function checks that the response to each question in valid. 2 marks

11.The respondent must enter a valid response to continue. 2 marks

12.Eight comments, to explain the code, have been included. 2 marks

13.The flowchart uses correct symbols. 2 marks

14.The flowchart accurately shows the data flow for one question. 2 marks

Total: 28 marks

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