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CSE105 Spring 2020 Project 
The project component of this class will be an opportunity for you to extend your work on 
assignments and explore an extension or application of your choosing. 
You can use any resources, notes, readings, and past videos from this quarter's offering of the 
course to help, in addition to Web-based resources. You must cite any resources you use: course 
resources can be referenced by linking to them, external resources must be cited more fully (include 
the name of the author, the reason you chose to use this reference, and the direct link to the 
The project has ​three parts​. 
Part 1 of Project: due by Friday of Week 6, May 8. 
Part 2 of Project: due by Friday of Week 8, May 22. 
Part 3 of Project: due by Wednesday of Finals week, June 10. 
Part 2​:​ Explore two open-ended questions 
● Pick ​one question from 2-hw(1b, 2d, 3c)​ and ​one question from 3-hw(1d, 2, 3c)​. You will 
extend your work on the open-ended component (i.e. the part graded for fair effort 
completeness) of each of these questions. For each question, do at least one of the 
○ Option 1: ​Invent a new example that illustrates the idea of the question. Formally 
define your example, work through the details of the application, and explain how 
they are connected. 
○ Option 2:​ Precisely formulate a related claim / theorem (that is related to, but not 
exactly the same as the one in the question) and prove it. Include the statement of 
your claim, its proof, and why it is connected to the original question. 
○ Examples to help guide you are available in the folder for the project, using the 
open-ended fair effort completeness questions from 1-hw. 
○ You will type your work for this part of the project and submit a PDF via Gradescope 
(assignment will be released before the deadline). We expect that your submission 
will be approximately 2 pages (roughly 1 page for each question you are extending). 
○ Optional extension​: Implement in code (in a programming language of your choice) 
an algorithm related to the question. Describe the problem your code is solving, how 
it does so, and include the source code along with some test input / output results. 
Part 3​: ​Revise and extend​ (25% of project) 
● Your grading feedback on Part 2 will include specific followup tasks for you to complete. 
Complete these tasks and submit a screencast video describing how you did so. The video 
should be approximately 3-5 minutes. 
● You will upload this video to a Google form; to be released closer to the deadline. 
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