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COSC2737 Assignment 2: IT Infrastructure in the Cloud. 
In this assignment, you will combine 3 different cloud services to build an application of your choice. 
Typically, this might include a web-facing component. The focus of the assignment is not this content, but 
the infrastructure behind it – the “wiring”, if you will. 
As part of the assignment, you will create a presentation video. If this is done well, you will be able to add 
these to a portfolio of work that you can demonstrate at job interviews, etc…. 
NB. This assignment is focused on Amazon products, primarily because that is what we teach in ITIS, 
but, you are also allowed to use Google or Microsoft products, or a combination – but only with prior 
permission from the Course Coordinator. And we may not be able to help you if problems between 
vendor products arises. 
For this assignment, you will provide a simple working cloud implementation, and submit the contents in a 
ZIP file to Canvas, along with a presentation video, a report, and an initial PDF “pitch” document submitted 
some weeks earlier than the deadline. 
Note that the web content itself is not evaluated, only how it is set up. So you can use material from 
anywhere (as long as you cite it on the web pages). 
List of Amazon Services: https://aws.amazon.com/products/ 
List of Amazon services available to AWS Educate: https://s3.amazonaws.com/awseducate-starter-account- 
services/AWS_Educate_Starter_Accounts_and_AWS_Services.pdf also available on Canvas. 
Submission Details 
1. Build a cloud infrastructure using at least 3 components from the AWS list of products above: 
1. This could be a server and storage, or compute, or whatever. 
2. One of the components counted could be the use of Alexa services for query. 
2. The topic of the website is up to you, but must have a least (say) 5 different pages, and must ideally 
be some form of B2B flavour. 
3. Submission will be the following: 
1. Pitch Document – An initial “pitch” where you describe your proposal in a few paragraphs 
(not more than a page) 
1. This will be due in week 11 
2. Worth 5%, and will provide feedback from your tutor. 
2. Report – A PDF report containing the following sections 
1. Rationale 
- The rationale behind this website or cloud construction. More or less a copy 
of the pitch in its final form. 
2. Cost Estimates 
- both development, fixed and cloud running and how these running cost 
scales for LOW (1-1000 transactions/day), MEDIUM (1000-1,000,000), and 
HIGH (above 1,000,000+ transactions per day) – hese costs all to be 
itemised and justified 
- Imagine you are a professional quoting for the job 
3. An installation manual that 
- contains instructions to recreate the website(s) 
- A marker should be able to rebuild it him/herself from this 
4. There is no limit on report size, but a guide is about 10-15 pages including figures, 
screen dumps, etc. 
3. Content – a ZIP file containing all user and generated content. Web/Cloud content itself not 
to exceed (10MB). 
1. Using the installation guide, a marker should be able to reproduce your cloud 
4. Presentation 
1. Video demo, to be included in the ZIP file, or URL to be provided in the report. 
Max video length: 10 mins. Try to do it for less. 
• Deadline in end of week 11 (pitch) and start of week 14 (content + video + report), 
• Submission to be individual. 
• Worth 5+25 = 30% of semester marks 
• A more detailed rubric is availble which will further demonstrate what is required. 
• If a particular feature is obvious (such as builtin scalability), it would be wise for you to mention this in 
the report – just in case the marker did not see this. 
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