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You will write a Java application to build and search a B-Tree. This will include:
Node, RootNode, LeafNode classes, plus a main class of some sort
You will need to make test cases for your tree. You can build the tree in your main class by calling the
constructors. The graders will create their own tree(s) by modifying your code and test those.
Data Structures
You will need to build a Node object to be the base class for the following two node types:
RootNode - holds a start of the range, end of the range and some number of Nodes (can be RootNodes
or LeafNodes).
LeafNode - holds any number of integer values.
There should be a single RootNode that is the "top" of the tree. Its range should encompass the range of
the whole tree.
If the current node is a RootNode and the number that we are looking for is between the start and end
of the range, follow the nodes that are descendents of this RootNode. If the current node is a LeafNode,
check each value of the leaf node to see if it matches the value that we are searching for.
1) No iterators, loops or Java functions that iterate for you. All iteration must happen by recursion.
2) No global or static variables. The class that does the searching should not have any members.
3) Please make constructors:
LeafNode(Collection values)
RootNode(int min, int max, Collection nodes)
Remember to work independently. This is not a large (lines of code) assignment. It is an assignment that
is designed to make you think in a different way.
MAKE SURE TO TEST YOUR CODE! Make a B-Tree and search for numbers that are in it and numbers
that are not in it.
Note – this is not quite a typical B-Tree; the assignment is a slightly simplified version of an actual BTree.
Example B-Tree diagram:
Rubric Poor OK Good Great
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