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For this project, you will be designing and implementing a prototype web application to solve a problem decided by you. At a minimum, this prototype will need to demonstrate that your solution to the problem works and is usable by the target users.
If you're having trouble thinking what problem you need to solve, a list of possible ideas is given below for inspiration.
Assignment Partner Finder
A common problem faced by students is finding partners for pair assignments. After COVID, university teaching primarily moved online. This has made it even harder to find others to work with. It would be useful for students to have an application that let them post that they're looking for a partner, alongside relevant information about themselves, and search for other students that "match" what they're looking for. There are many ways such an application could work. A suitable demonstration of feasibility might be showing how information regarding potential partners is presented to the user (most likely programmatically generated HTML).
Your proposal should be written as a Python Notebook. A template is provided here . Replace the sections in italics with the corresponding information about your own project. If you'd rather not use colaboratory to edit this template, you can download it and edit it in VSCode or similar.
Please note that your proposal does not need to be of a specific length or word count, but you should ensure it contains all relevant information. Unless otherwise specified in the template, assume the reader has the same level of technical knowledge as another student in this course.
Demonstration of Feasibility
As part of your proposal, you will be writing code to demonstrate that a feature of your prototype is feasible to implement in Python.
What feature you implement (or partially implement) depends on your project, but as a general guide, it should be one of the ways in which your program either retrieves, processes, or displays information. Some examples are given in the list below.
Final Prototype
Your final prototype will be your best attempt at implementing what you proposed. In doing this you should keep in mind the following:
Most of the marks available are for having a basic working version of your application (see marking scheme below). Because of this, your first focus should be on delivering your MVP (see proposal template).
You can submit multiple times. Your latest submission is what will be marked. It is suggested that you submit early and often.

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