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Interactive App Development Team
PROG10065 Winter 2024
The PROG10065 Interactive App Development Team Project is a group project where 2-3
students collaborate equally to create an object-oriented program using principles, best
practices and technologies learnt in the course. Projects must incorporate the principles,
concepts and techniques covered in class as well as something new which will need a
certain level of research and experimentation.
1. UI presentation tier: at least 2-3 pages/views (one per team member) that are
significant for interactivity with the user.
2. Business logic tier: at least 4-6 significant classes (two classes per team member)
other than the user interface classes developed to support the presentation tier.
3. A data tier using files to persist data and application settings.
1. XAML and C#
2. Appropriate data structures (e.g. dynamic Lists)
3. Files for storing data (e.g. text, CSV, JSON)
Principles and Best Practices
1. Object-Oriented Programming design. Includes e]ective use of encapsulation,
polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, loose coupling, separation of concerns,
and simple, cohesive classes and methods.
2. UML modelling diagrams to illustrate:
a. Significant classes and their relationships with one-another.
b. Significant workflows using sequence diagrams.
3. Source Code Version Control. E]ective use of Git and GitHub for the collaborative
development of source code. Comments with commit to Git repositories must be
useful and reflect changes made to code. The professor will require access to the
remote repository on GitHub at the end of the project.
4. Appropriate coding conventions and best practices in writing code. This includes
appropriate, descriptive names for variables and classes, as well as adhering to
proper naming conventions in C#.
5. Code Commenting.
a. Each class shall have a header with the principal author of the code and a
short description of what the code is for
b. Each method and field shall be commented with XAML style comments and
include a brief description of the purpose of method and field.
c. Comments should be included in any aspect of the code that reflects
significant design decisions.
Project Plan
1. Each C# class shall have only one author from the team. Each team member must
take ownership and responsibility of his/her contribution to the project’s code. You
will be graded individually based on your contribution.
2. The author shall be clearly documented in each source file.
3. Work assignments shall be clearly documented through an up-to-date project plan
that is to be delivered with the project.
1. Present the purpose of the applica

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