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Assignment 1 – Business Case / Charter Development (30pts)
Using the business case of your choosing, please develop a proposal and project plan that will be used to solidify and reinforce your understanding of the applied data analytics workflow process. This assignment is specifically meant to enhance your appreciation of the role of project management and the need for documenting the requirements of a data analytics solution.
Choosing a Topic
You are required to:
1.Decide on a topic that is of interest to you.
2.Ensure sufficient data exists that will allow you to perform supervised learning (regression or classification)
3.Ensure that the topic and data you choose can be updated via online downloads, webpage scrapping, or api’s.
Note: The data should be updateable at least monthly
Develop a Project Charter (25pts)
Using the template provided, please develop a Project Charter for your chosen Project.
Note: A guide for completing the template can be found here: https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/biens-property/sngp-npms/ti-it/etivcapft-idsfvpcvc-eng.html
Note: I am both the Project Sponsor. You are the Project Manager.
1.Charter Introduction (5pts)
a.Document Change Control (1pt)
b.The “Authority Signatures” section completed (1pt)
c.Executive Summary (3pts)

2.Project Overview
a.Project Summary (5pts)
i.Project Goals, Business Outcomes and Objectives (3pts)
ii.Project Scope Definition(1pt)
iii.Boundaries (1pt)
b.Milestones (2pts) – Refer to Gantt Chart in Appendix
c.Deliverables (1pts) – Documentation (ERD, Data Dictionary), MS Power BI Report
d.Project Cost Estimate and Source of Funding (not required)
e.Dependencies (not required)
f.Project Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints (6pts)
i.Risks (2pts)
ii.Assumptions (2pts)
iii.Constraints (2pts)
3.Project Organization (Not Required)
b.Team Structure
c.Roles and Responsibilities
d.Facilities and Resources
4.Project References (1pt)
5.Glossary and Acronyms (Not Required)
Please also include the following information in your final document Appendix:
1.Project Schedule developed in MS Visio (Gantt Chart) (3pt)
2.Expected KPI’s (2pt)

Class Presentation of Project Charter (5pts)
1.Present your chosen data analytics project (1pt)
2.Your Presentation includes (4pts):
a.A clear and concise presentation of the Project Rationale and Scope
b.Data Sources
c.Tools and Software to be used to accomplish your Project
d.Project Schedule and KPIs
Please upload the following to Brightspace:
1.MS Word version of your Project Charter
2.Pdf version of your Project Schedule (Gantt Chart)

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